“There is a time tra*sterile and calm down”: the blogger ridiculed Guzeeva and revealed juicy details of her youth

"Есть время тра*ться, а есть – успокоиться": блогер высмеяла Гузееву и раскрыла пикантные подробности ее молодости

Larisa Guzeeva

On the eve of the 59-year-old Larissa guzeyeva told his fans that takes place in Alushta course of rejuvenating treatments, however, ran into severe criticism from the controversial blogger Lena Miro.

Larissa Guzeeva has published on his page in Instagram the photo, signed: “Put on a drip, so I was young and beautiful.” Lena Monroe immediately responded and made fun of the lead: “it Turns out the star in one role, decided to rejuvenate – time came around, **** old! Let me remind you, life Guzeeva considered himself a star. Booze, staggering, live with alcoholics, with drug addicts. La Boheme, in General, Toulouse-Lautrec – but with a slight amendment on Soviet realities. And here Larisa turned 59. Normal people at this age driving my grandson to gymnastics. Larissa decided to rejuvenate – implants soon **** insert”.

The blogger wonders what you need to rejuvenate in 60 years and urged all women to worry about their health: “the Dropper of youth for 60 years <…> – it’s not even funny and gross. And, most importantly, who can hit Larisa Guzeeva, even if it absorbs all unconscious of these droppers? In the best case, will make your hemorrhoids of useless effort, of course. Bulgakov, remember, Professor Preobrazhensky had installed climactericum the ovaries of young monkeys? It’s so gross, if you imagine, why it was done, and how rejuvenated grandmother was going to use their genitals! Still all – time. There is a time to fuck and to calm down. People who don’t know your age, pathetic – well, like a fool, preoccupied with Masturbation.”

"Есть время тра*ться, а есть – успокоиться": блогер высмеяла Гузееву и раскрыла пикантные подробности ее молодости

Larisa Guzeeva

We will remind, earlier it was noted that Vasily Vakulenko, known as rapper Basta, publicly asked leading the program “let’s get married!” Larisa Guzeeva about the sex-service in the show, Comment Out.

As reported by the portal “Znayu”: Larisa Guzeeva was freaking serious about a possible resignation after the recent predictions about it. However, her boorish behavior no longer wish to endure even in the Studio, despite the ratings of the show, which she leads.

Also “Znayu” he wrote that the party of the first season of the show “battle of the psychics” Daria Mironova has revealed the truth about how place winners were bought for money and told interesting facts about the behind the scenes of the project.


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