There it is, I pass the torch to the soldiers

Ça y est, je passe le flambeau aux soldats

A former journalist and illustrator, judicial, Delphine Bergeron has been working for several years as a counsellor in mental health. She has agreed to work in a ltc facility in the Montreal area in mid-April to lend a hand during the crisis of the sars coronavirus. Here is his latest column on his experience at the front.

On the last miles of my contribution in NURSING homes to assist during the pandemic, I’m out of breath, flushed. I run my routine with the little heart I have left.

The soldier who will replace me has held the position of assistant nurse in the canadian armed Forces.

Despite their civilian clothes, the military are easy to recognize : they are rights as if the Queen greeted. The arms to the sides of the body, they secure the eyes in front and are on the lookout for everything that is happening around them.

Mid-thirties, stocky, the soldier that I was attentive to everything I tell him and quickly shows effective.

At the break, he asks me about my techniques of intervention with this client who is in psychological distress. “What is it that you told him to calm down ? “I am impressed by his good will and his sense of initiative.

Wandering at sunset

This evening, beyond a beautiful sunset shared with Ms. Cardin (fictitious name), the bedroom in the upstairs of cognitive loss is difficult.

The warm colors make up the sad picture of the wandering for two patients on the floor. It is the back to bed one by one, but they are a few minutes after.

Tiny and puny, Mrs. Smith (fictitious name) is walking around barefoot in her onesie. I install my soldier at his bedside, while I watch Ms. Cardin. I do play quiet music on my cell phone. Every time she raises her head, confusing her pillow, I remind him gently that it’s time to sleep. It will eventually soothe on the words ofThe steps of the palace, Nana Mouskouri.

Ms. Cardin received his second negative test result to the COVID-19 the next day. It was moved in the green zone, but restricted to his room.

The latest news I received of it are rather sad ; it was crisis-free, perpetual, furious to be sequestered. She is psychologically at the edge of the abyss.

The time to look

Participate in the effort medical during the crisis of the sars coronavirus was the only choice that I had to maintain my ethical and moral values. I’ve given everything, so that in the end, it does not remain me more energy to be proud of me. I need a vacation !

I have come to almost envy the ignorance of the conspiracy of the web who think that the pandemic is an invention. Me, I clearly saw that it existed and what I keep in mind, it is the moaning noise of those who die.

I would have liked to finish on a positive note, but the reality, it is the sound of this breathing drowned, of these bubbles that you hear in the hollow of the lungs of the sick, that no melody can soothe.

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