There was a bright trailer continuing the series “13 reasons why”

The new season will focus on one of the high school “liberty high”

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Появился яркий трейлер продолжения сериала "13 причин почему"

Frame from the movie “13 reasons why”

The series “13 reasons why”, which became one of the most popular show in 2017, will again be released. So streaming service Netflix introduced in the network the first trailer for season 3.

Than the still popular TV series from the 90s:

Spectacular trailer impressed the viewers from previous seasons. Many admit that they did not expect such a turn in the plot.

Judging from the short promo clip, the plot of season 3 of “13 reasons why” will revolve around the murder of one of the high school “liberty high” – Bryce Walker. Thus, the creators of the series decided to go with the story of the suicide of Hannah Baker. As far as we know, the singer of her role of Catherine Langford will not return to the project.

The authors of the project also revealed the premiere date of all the series will be available for viewing for 23 August.

Recall, the first season of the show was released in 2017. The series talked about the life of 17-year-old schoolgirl who committed suicide because of the ridicule and sexual violence.

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