There was a terrible details of the beating Hayden panettiere

The court session took place, during which revealed details of the beating actress

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Появились жуткие детали избиения Хайден Панеттьери

Hayden panettiere and her boyfriend Brian Hickerson

Hollywood actress, ex-fiancee of Wladimir Klitschko Hayden panettiere, as you know, was severely beaten by her new boyfriend. July 10 was the first hearing, during which he unveiled new details of the beating stars. According to Radar Online, the controversial the case was heard in the superior court of Los Angeles. There were made by the police officer amber Findley. The woman said resonance part, in particular, on the status of Hayden panettiere at the time of arrival of militiamen.

Why Hayden panettiere may not overcome depression:

Police said that the couple dispute arose in a bar located near the apartments Hayden panettiere. Already at the front door of Brian Hickerson started beating actress. Because of the screaming girls, the neighbors called the police. First, the attacker didn’t want to let police into the room and said that he’s just loud and turned on the TV. However, Hayden cried out in pain, so law enforcement officers had entered her house.

Появились жуткие детали избиения Хайден Панеттьери

Hayden Panettiere

“I think the reason why he didn’t want to tell us about Hayden was that she was a celebrity. I immediately noticed that she had a bruised eye and swollen face. Also could see the handprints on his neck, left side of the face. When I talked to her, she took off the sweater. Her hands were all bruised,” he told amber Findley.

Then the police took Hayden in the other room, where he learned the details of a brutal beating. The actress admitted that they drank alcohol in a bar and started a fight. Brian Hickerson three hit her in the face. From the last blow out of her nose was bleeding, but the striker did not stop. When Hayden panettiere was trying to get up to the bedroom, he grabbed her by the neck. The actress started to resist, so Brian Hickerson took her by the hair and face and pulled him into another room.

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“He brutally beat her in the face, forcing him almost to fall. Third she was bleeding,” said the Prosecutor.

Police took pictures of beaten Hayden panettiere, who provided the court as evidence of the attack. At the same time, lawyers for Brian Hickerson tried to protect him, stressing that the pair were drunk. He added that the boyfriend of Hayden panettiere didn’t smother her, but the bruises on her neck could not explain.

The judges did not soften the crime Hickerson. Besides, militiamen found the fact another fit of rage, actor: a few days before the attack he beat Hayden during the holidays. Then the staff at the request of the star call the police. Now the case is pending, however, to the man threatens till 4 years of imprisonment.

Recall, Vladimir Klitschko, when he learned that his ex-wife beat up her new boyfriend, Bryan Hickerson, you were concerned with this outcome of events and looking for opportunities to meet with the former spouse.

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