There were photos of Alina Grosu in a wedding dress

The singer appeared on the pictures in the white outfit

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Появились фото Алины Гросу в свадебном платье

Alina Grosu

Popular singer and actress Katy Perry were married. However, while only on the screen. Sunday, April 21, at 17:00 on air of TV channel “Ukraine” will premiere a 4-part painting “Castle in the sand” in which Alina embodied one of the main roles. But the real wedding of 23-year-old star will take place in June in Venice.

The plot of the movie “Castle in the sand” – the couple. He is medical shone, the head doctor of the IVF clinic, the brilliant fertility specialist. She is his right hand helper and inspirer of all victories. Beautiful daughter Lisa – a straight-a student and successor of the medical dynasty, full house.

Появились фото Алины Гросу в свадебном платье

Alina Grosu on the set of the TV series “Castle in the sand”

But once a woman gets a strange message: a photo of the grave of their student friend, who died 19 years ago. After that, the life of the couple is inverted: their house is on fire, the clinic start financial problems and her husband is cheating. A prosperous and beautiful life in reality is only illusion. But, perhaps, on the ruins sand castle now get to build something real?

The shooting of the film took place in Kiev and Kiev region this year. The heroine Alina Grosu in the film production companies “Filmstrip” and “Vileton Films” girl from the 90’s named Olga. The star confesses that she is the absolute opposite of Oli, but to disclose the details of the plot are not in a hurry.

Появились фото Алины Гросу в свадебном платье

Alina Grosu on the set of the TV series “Castle in the sand”

“It’s a real life picture, – says Alina Grosu. My character is very strong. This is a girl who grew up in an orphanage. When OLE was 7 years old, her mother died and father she never saw. She has a difficult fate. But I will not disclose the details of the plot – all will see themselves on the TV channel “Ukraine”.

On the set of the girl had to marry for the third time for a film career. However, in the story, the wedding takes place in the 90s, so dress Aline tried appropriate. The star said that her mother got married in the same dress, but in pink color. But his own wedding Grosso will play very soon – the ceremony will take place in Venice in two months. Her godmother Irina Bilyk admitted that Alina will be two, maybe even three wedding dresses.

Earlier, Katy Perry showed how it looked 20 years ago.

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