There were shots distress liner off the coast of Norway. Video

Появились кадры с терпящего бедствие лайнера у берегов Норвегии. Видео

On Board the cruise ship at the time of the disaster were 1,300 people, but the evacuation beganon the Western coast of Norway passenger ship Viking Sky distress – rescuers carry out the evacuation of people. However, some passengers took video of what happened inside the ship, writes the with reference for Today.

Writer Aleksus Sheppard posted on Twitter a video shot is not a phone, you can see how much wiggle cruise ship furniture “fly” through the cabin, and some people even fell.

The footage also you can see people dressed in life jackets and placed in the concert hall. It is worth noting that, judging by the video, panic on a ship there is and it’s pretty organized.

As we reported in Norway, distress cruise ship, on Board of more than a thousand passengers. As reported in the police the County of møre og County of møre og Romsdal, the ship stopped due to engine failure. The ship issued a distress signal after the lost during the flight Tromso-Stavanger.


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