There will be no debate in English for Frédéric Bastien

Pas de débat en anglais pour Frédéric Bastien

No question of participating in a leaders ‘debate in English, if he is elected leader of the Parti québécois,” proclaims the candidate for the leadership of Frédéric Bastien, believing that to bend to such an exercise “clears” the anglophones and allophones of having to learn French.

This position is among a quintet of proposals, unveiled on Saturday in the Journal, to further anchor the position of the French language in Quebec.

Frédéric Bastien intends to correct “a mistake,” Jean-François Lisée, in refusing to discuss in the language of Shakespeare. The ex-head of the parti québecois had, of its own initiative, invited the other party leaders in an exchange English-speaking television in 2018.

“This is not a question that I can’t discuss in English. It goes beyond that, defends the professor of history at Dawson college. It sends the wrong message to immigrants who do not speak French. It is clear, because there has been a debate in English anyway. “

A participation of the parti québecois to a debate in English would have been ” inconceivable in the time of Lévesque and Parizeau “, believes Mr. Bastien.

“You must be the party of nationalism, and it has ceased to embody. In all sorts of ways, we moved away from our roots, ” judge he.

Strengthen bill 101

The other commitments of the campaign of the candidate is a neophyte in politics are firmly rooted in the event, having won the race to the leadership, the PQ was put in power.

Mr. Bastien would like in particular to extend the scope of bill 101 to businesses that have between 25 and 50 employees. The current form of the Charter of the French language makes the businesses that employ more than 50 workers.

Yet under bill 101, the historian wants to prohibit the access to the cegeps, English-speaking to those who have done their previous studies in the language of Shakespeare, English-speaking as French-speaking. Exit of these institutions, among others, the anglophones and francophones who have completed part of their schooling in English or in French outside of Quebec.

In conjunction with this last engagement, he wishes to grant more financial resources to the English school boards to fund programs and French immersion.


“There must be an attraction, a prestige, a need to speak French, argues Frederic Bastien. If French is not a language of prestige, people do not learn. “

The historian also proposes to impose a moratorium on any new program offered in English in the French-speaking universities in quebec.

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