“There’s a world to mass” : warmth and humanity, despite the distance

«Y’a du monde à messe» : chaleur et humanité, malgré la distance

MONTREAL – Christian Bégin was gone and fled to his house of Kamouraska in the Bas-Saint-Laurent, at the beginning of the confinement, and returned to Montreal last week to begin filming the fourth season of “There’s a world to mass”, that Télé-Québec will present beginning Friday.

The shock was great for the animator when it has assessed how the Theatre Paradox – ancient church of Ville-Émard, where the recordings of “There’s a world to mass” – had been laid to enroll in the new reality of television, in the era of the pandemic COVID-19.

“I grabbed what,” says Christian Bégin in an interview about his first shooting days, Friday and Sunday last.

“It is very “orwellian” as a reality. But, apart from the fact that there is no audience and that we cannot take into our arms at the end of the broadcast, people don’t really the difference. Because the heart of “There’s a world to mass”, this is the conversation, the meeting. In spite of all the constraints to which it is subject, the discussion was lifted, the “jell-o” has gotten,” says the host, who was concerned at the outset that the fact of being seated away from personalities and not being able to touch the would to confidence.

Fortunately, he was able to verify that this is not the case. And, he promises, it is not jasera not that of the one and only subject of the pandemic this summer to “There in the world to mass”.

“Without obscuring the reality of the COVID, it was decided not to make the heart of our conversations. Of course, by the band, it comes back, because that one is still struck by this reality, but I think people are thirsty for other things to talk about, to find our common humanity outside of this reality.”

Sanitary measures

The loyal audience of “There are in the world to mass” finds the concept that he knows : a round table of guests (now four in number instead of five, in addition to an(e) singer(euse) present(e) for a musical performance) which are united by a link that you must guess over the interviews.

Marina Orsini, Luc Ferrandez, Olivier Bernard alias The Pharmachien, the storyteller horticulturalist Martha Laverdière and Émile Bilodeau will be the party for the first Friday, while Alexandre Barrette, the marine biologist Lyne Morissette, Stanley Péan, the specialist in colour Marie-Chantal Milette and Louis-Jean Cormier will be honored at the second episode.

The production attempts to meet a ratio of two familiar faces and two talents to be discovered each week. The choir will also take up more space this year, with an air sung at the end of the first block, which adds to the number of the end.

In addition to the lack of “public” in the decor, while a bataclan of measures has of course been put in place on the set of “There’s a world to mass” to adhere to the social distancing and health requirements : entry to tower of role to team members and guests on the premises ; wash hands first before entering the theater, and then a second time to the interior ; mandatory questionnaire related to COVID for everyone ; indications on the ground to guide the movements and to avoid face-to-face interaction between individuals ; wearing a mask (in the likeness of “There’s a world to mass”) for all ; no access to the area was the loge of Christian Bégin ; no makeup artist or hair stylist to embellish the face, or a technician to install the microphones.

And, of course, a distance of two meters between the facilitator and the guests. The choir members also follow the rules of separation, and are more dispersed on their podium.

“But it works in the background, provides Christian Bégin. These are so many strong voices. They are so “together” that you don’t feel the hole in between the individuals. When the guests are singing their names, they get in it just as much. It is strong, 10 human voices. The “live, it’s still very, very powerful.”

“There’s a world to mass, Friday at 21 p.m. (rebroadcast on Sunday at 20 h) at Télé-Québec, as of 5 June. Christian Bégin is also expected to start the shooting of “Curious Bégin” for a 13th year to the end of the summer, and expects to know what will happen with the filming of the new series “The boys”, in which he played one of the main characters.

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