These 7 artists are making a significant return to the spotlight

These 7 artists are making a strong comeback in the spotlight


Acting is as wonderful as it is insecure. Despite their talent, the actors are at the mercy of the will of the writers, producers, broadcasters, casting agents, and the public. A role can label, but also ensure longevity. The actors are looking for new challenges, characters who will lead them into all sorts of areas. Sometimes there is a desired, imposed or uncontrolled pause. Then, a call, a role, an occasion, which brings them back into the light. 

Véronique Bannon

For more than a decade, Véronique Bannon appeared daily on our TV. There was Watatatow, then Virginia. She was only 14 when she started her acting career. An age where the gaze of others takes on disproportionate importance. Véronique never hid it, mental health problems took over. She was one of the first, when it was not sexy, to express her discomfort. She was therefore one of the first public figures to open this dialogue, oh so essential! Her condition took her away from the game. A necessary reconstruction. Coming back there required courage and resilience to convince that she had lost none of her talent. In season 2 of Portrait-robot, she inherits an intense score. The character she plays, Chantal Sicaire, is a former stripper married to the leader of the biggest motorcycle club, the Hells Riders, who is coming out of a long coma after an attempted murder.

< strong>Pierre-Paul Alain

It's hard not to notice the strong comeback of this actor as intense as it is disarming. He had managed to go from his status as a child-actor to a young adult by delivering sensitive performances. Think of Alexis, whom he wore for 7 seasons in Destinées. Then, between 2015 and 2020, everything stopped. It is the dramas of his daily life that have occupied the place, offering him the role of a lifetime, that of being a close caregiver to his parents. Rafaël Ouellet's excellent film, Arseneault & son, propelled him to the fore again as the uncontrollable black sheep of a family of poachers. This fall, he appeared in Avant le crash, Hôtel and Anna et Arnaud. We can see it this winter in season 3 of Mecs, in Virage: double fault, in season 2 of Reasonable doubt, then in Bombs. By playing Yoan in A beating heart, it is both hard and overwhelming, scratchy, violent and explosive. A very talented actor capable of transmitting subtle and visceral emotions to us. 

Martin Larocque

Martin has always shown his versatility and great openness for the others. He embodied the Hercule Belhumeur of Virginia on a daily basis, spoke of lust at Summer is a sin, was the gloved doctor for Beaux malaises > in addition to lending his features more recently to the disreputable Welsh in District 31. Through this, he founded the children's publishing house La car, we saw him dance and sing in Un violon sur le clou, he wrote a chronicle on his most beautiful role, that of dad, became a speaker, reminding us of the importance of self-esteem. Recently, he opened the café Maudit bonheur. It is good to find him on a daily basis thanks to Big Brother celebrities. Martin is a sage. He is having a good winter. We find him in season 2 of Bonheur, he is Me Théberge in The Emperor, he will be in Après le déluge on Crave and Les yeux fermés on ICI And in the cinema, he will be the innkeeper of La Cordonnière, which is scheduled for release in February.

Jacques Lavallée

Nice surprise to see Jacques Lavallée playing the role of the patriarch of the Larouche family in Xavier Dolan's excellent series The night when Laurier Gaudreault woke up. He embodies an uncompromising man, proud and above all plagued by secrets. A very personable actor with 50 years of experience. If he has inherited a few roles as judge or lawyer in recent years (For Sarah, Ruptures, District 31), he was in the credits of the most popular series of the 1990s. Let's think of Never two without you, L'or du temps, Scoop, Emergency or Nightmare of love. It is by lending his voice to many actors, including Hugh Grant, Martin Short, Colm Feore or Alan Rickman, that he earns more money. It was probably in a dubbing studio that he met Dolan who often offered him a role in his films. Sound Pierre Larouche shows all the nuances of his playing. 

Voices from back on TV

This winter, three singers shine with their presence in cutting-edge shows.

Nathalie Simard

We can say that she is not lacking in courage. His presence at Get Me Out Of Here bears witness to this. But above all, we cannot forget that long before the global #MeeToo movement, Nathalie Simard stood up to her attacker. She undertook a long legal process in the public eye. Then a long reconstruction to heal pain that will probably never go away. The one who marked generations with Le village de Nathalie and her songs, including that of La guerre des tuques, deserves to be considered as a strong, smiling, authentic woman, who agrees to seize opportunities, even the most daring ones.


Our national rocker, who has been discreet in recent years, returns to the spotlight by becoming a coach at La voix. It is probably the greatest platform for a musical artist. And 46 years of career is precious for young singers who will be able to benefit from his advice, his creativity and his outspokenness. A recording broadcast on Télé-Québec, Amoureuse, allowed us to reconnect with his work. Marjo, who is preparing a return to the stage, has lost none of her enthusiasm. Quite the contrary.

Natalie Choquette

After distinguishing herself on the great stages of the world in the operas more prestigious, the soprano has taken up the challenge of democratizing classical singing by carrying her diva around in humorous opera performances. Her voice resounds on fifteen albums, including the most recent, Colores, a family album in homage to the painters who have marked her. In recent years, she has immersed herself in writing children's books by publishing about fifteen opuses. After the remarkable passage of her daughter Éléonore to Big Brother celebrities, here she is in the forefront with all the dilemmas that competition entails.