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These female celebrities who show off their gray hair

These female celebrities showing off their gray hair


Andie MacDowell, Sarah Jessica Parker, Lisa Laflamme and now Jennifer Aniston: female personalities showing off their gray hair are praised for daring to go natural.  

In a recent Instagram video, Jennifer Aniston touts a treatment from her hair line. However, it is her high hairstyle, revealing her gray hair, that makes people react. 

“Bravo for allowing the gray to pass – refreshing,” wrote one netizen under the star's post. “So nice to see. And she's obviously still gorgeous,” one woman replies. “I hope it stays natural – it's much more attractive,” adds another fan.

Pressure to look young

The pressure put on women in public office who encourages them to dye their gray hair to look young is real. The fact that Jennifer Aniston is being praised for daring to be natural proves it. 

Here in Quebec, the new president of the Union des Artistes, Tanya Kontoyanni, had her long dark hair cut last November for her role in the play The virus and the prey. When the tour for this show is over, the actress believes that she will keep this hairstyle very short showing her gray hair.

I think “dare” is the right word, she explains -she interviewed at the Journal. There's a little something rebellious about it. Young people are more popular in our profession, and everything pushes us towards this side. So it requires real resistance to give yourself the freedom to present yourself naturally and to feel that you are opposing a kind of dictatorship of youth and beauty.” 

Tania Kontoyanni received many positive comments on its new face. Several actress friends have praised him for his courage, although others “are more uncomfortable.”

The 56-year-old actress – who names actress Dominique Pétin as a model, who proudly sports white locks – however took care to have a wig created with her old long brown hair. In case he's asked to audition for TV roles in his old look, which hasn't happened yet.

The actress Macha Grenon, who we saw in the series The honorable,also has a bob cut highlighting her gray-white hair.


Last month, American actress Andie MacDowell caused a stir on the Cannes Film Festival red carpet with her silver head. The 63-year-old actress spoke of the power of such a gesture in an interview with Vogue magazine. 

“My agents told me: 'It's not not the time.” I replied, “I think you are wrong”, and I was right, because I have never felt so powerful. I feel like I can't pretend anymore.”

“I don't want people to expect me to be younger to be valuable or to be beautiful or desirable. We don't do that to men! We like an older man. We love aging men. I wish I had the same expectations for women, and we're getting there…baby steps,” adds the star of the cult film Four Weddings and a Funeral.

Still a long way to go

It's hard not to draw a parallel with the story of Lisa Laflamme when 's all about taking a stand and celebrating natural women. 

The Canadian journalist and CTV News anchor had made headlines and received praise from women everywhere the country when she decided to stop dying her brunette in 2020. Until her surprise and controversial dismissal in August 2022, after 35 years of career.

We learned, in the same week, that her hair color was hinted at by CTV News chief Michael Melling.

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