These foods can be eaten any time of day

Эти продукты можно есть в любое время суток

Their use at night does not cause weight gain.

Many people in the pursuit of harmony are excessive to limit in the diet. The experts conducted another study called the foods that you can eat when losing weight on the night, reports the with reference to the news of Yu.

First of all, the researchers say that on an empty stomach to go to sleep is not necessary, the reason for this is a slight increase in the calories consumed by half the next day. Based on these studies, experts believe that the perfect dinner is a portion of food in which lean proteins and complex carbohydrates.

Dish misoshiru, which is a soup with dissolved miso, is a great evening snack because it has a hundred percent necessary protein which is slowly digested, and therefore allows a long time not to feel hunger. Calorie it is only 50 calories.

If the Supplement traditional dish of Japanese cuisine seaweed, fat burning effect will be increased significantly due to activation of metabolism. It will not hurt to add to such exquisite dinner grated radish, tofu, shrimp. A good snack in the evening and chicken eggs which can be boiled, or scrambled eggs. In the first case, it may be sprinkled on natural yoghurt, second, to add to the “Queen’s Breakfast” tomato, pepper and herbs.

Do not forget about the benefits of dairy products, particularly yogurt, cheese, and yogurt combined with zucchini, cucumbers, cabbage and other vegetables. In conclusion, nutritionists remind us that it is not necessary to fill evening meals artificial additives, when it comes to losing weight, an excellent solution for this purpose will serve as lemon juice.

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