These Gardois passionate about archery who will volunteer for the Olympic Games in Paris

These Gardois passionate about archery who will volunteer for the Olympic Games in Paris

Marcelle, Jacques et Catherine s’apprêtent à vivre une belle expérience au cœur des jeux. Midi Libre – Noa Roche

Catherine, Marcelle and Jacques from the Nîmes arc club will be volunteers for the Olympic archery events.

The arc club of Nîmes is used to providing great champions who perform at the Olympic Games. This year, in addition to welcoming the Mexican national team, it will send many of its members to Paris, as volunteers. The selection, which was made on file, was a great success in the Gard.

A family story

For Catherine, it will be a family affair. She will leave for Paris accompanied by her husband, whom she met at the Arc Club in Nîmes, and their son. All three will be field teammates for the archery events. "We signed up straight away! It's been four years since a room at my brother's, who lives in Paris, has been reserved!", laughs Catherine. If she does not yet know what her missions will really be, the predominant feeling for the family remains the pride of participating in this event. "Archery is part of our life. I am licensed, my husband has over 40 years of experience, and my son has been playing since he was very young."

"There are always extraordinary feats"

Jacques Boyer and his wife Marcelle will also be there. On the other hand, he will volunteer for the Paralympic Games, while she will take care of the able-bodied. "Paralympic sport is a discovery. Based on what I’s seen, disabled shooters manage to do extraordinary things. It’s special and I’m very interested in this kind of thing, explains Jacques. Marcelle will also be close to the athletes: "We will have to do everything to make the athlete feel good, to guide them as much as possible. I can't wait, the Olympic Games are the ultimate test, there are always extraordinary exploits." The enthusiasm is all the greater as several Nîmes athletes have serious chances of medals. Indeed, Baptiste Addis, "a young prodigy", according to Jacques, Jean-Charles Valladont and Victoria Sebastian, "two serious confirmed athletes& ;quot; are all three from Gard and will go to Paris with the ambition of leaving with the shiniest metal possible. Jean-Charles Valladont won the silver medal at the Rio games in 2016, he could add to his record in Paris, where the archery events will begin on July 25.< /p>

The eye of Pierre Plihon

Pierre Plihon is a reference in archery in France. An athlete in the last two editions in Tokyo and Rio, an injury prevented him from participating in the Paris games. The man who will be a consultant for France Télévision explains to Midi Libre why the archery events will be particularly tempting.

"This is the first time since the Athens games that we have both teams (men's and women's) complete ;your. There will be a shooting device for the shooting events. the arc that you don’t see anywhere else. We will be able to observe the flight of the arrow, realizing the distance and the precision that this requires. A system will be put in place to observe the athletes' pulse per minute. Even when the heart beats loudly 160 bpm, archers are very precise. The matches are relatively short (around 15 minutes) so we get into the game. I will also be a consultant in order to bring my expert eye to bear on the technical aspect and to explain the key moments. Sometimes a game is played on an arrow. I’ve been to in the process of games until’à my injury in January, I can therefore say that our French will be very sharp!"

These Gardois passionate about archery who will volunteer for the Olympic Games in Paris

Pierre Plihon will be consultant for the Paris Olympics. Midi Libre – WILLIAM TRUFFY

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