These popular products are named as the most harmful

Эти популярные продукты названы самыми вредными

5 most harmful products among the favorite of allThese products are among the most often purchased in stores. But from them the experts recommend to abandon or reduce their use to a strict minimum, writes the with reference on healthinfo.

To fifth place in its “black” list of experts put low-calorie and low-fat products. They may seem a safe choice for losing weight people, but in reality this is a real trap. The lack of fat in them usually more than kompensiruet adding sugar or sugar substitutes, starch and unnecessary, leading to higher fat carbohydrates.

Fourth place went to juice and soda. These drinks contain a lot of caffeine and dyes, having the ability to wash the body of vitamins and other nutrients.

The third position of the list, the doctors gave chocolate bars, hard candies and chewy candies. These totally fit the body products are not only destroying people’s teeth, but also contribute to obesity, diabetes, allergies, metabolic disorders.

The second anti-rating for fast food. The food is ready cooking is a source of preservatives, stabilizers, thickeners, food dyes, emulsifiers and other artificial additives that can destroy even the best metabolism and lead to obesity with regular use.

He headed the list of alcohol – the most massively used toxic in nature drink. Its use may be carcinogenic, since alcohol can provoke genetic mutations.

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