These products can increase the level of toxins in the body

Эти продукты могут повысить уровень токсинов в организме

According to the experts from the Medical schools at Boston University, the use of certain products capable to provoke increase in the concentration of toxic components in the body, including the brain.

Scientific experts warn that the accumulation of unwanted substances in the brain contributes to devastating for his neurons to process, and eventually can cause the development of dementia, reports the with reference to

Sweet fizzy drinks. Boston scientists claim that daily consumption of soda may increase the risk of stroke and occurrence of dementia in humans three times. Data held MRI scanning coupled with cognitive tests results indicate that people who drink more than two cans of soda per week, symptoms of accelerated aging on the brain due to accumulated body toxins.

Beer. Three glasses of beer per week can cause an overload of the nervous system, leading to the inhibition of brain activity. According to scientists, consumption of this drink reduces the amount of substances responsible for the protection of brain cells – all the fault present in the beer nitrite.

Cheese and sausages. These products in the diet should be as small as possible. According to experts, is not a measure of the active use of melted cheese and various sausages stimulates the liver to produce fats that can be toxic to the brain.

White bread, rice and cheap pasta. Available data indicate that the use of these products causes a sharp rise of insulin in the blood, which, as scientists say, “sends the toxins directly into the brain”. Needless to say that their presence in the menu should be strictly controlled?


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