These republicans “paranoid, idiots and bigots”

Ces républicains «paranoïaques, idiots et bigots»

By limiting himself to the sole reading of the title, we can easily arrive at the conclusion that this ticket is for the propaganda in its most direct form and the most basic. However, the adjectives used are not my own invention, they have been used by Stuart Stevens, a veteran republican strategist.

A little while ago, I wrote about the growing influence of the movement woke within the editorial team of the New York Times. I pointed out in the wake of the influence of trends in extremes in the media and political formations. For his part, Stevens denounced the skids of his training, he no longer recognizes.

Since a few days, Stuart Stevens conducts a tour of the american media to present his book entitled It was all a lie : How the Republican became the party of Donald Trump. Drawing on his long experience as a party member and strategist, the author provides many examples that demonstrate that the phenomenon Trump was predictable. The billionaire would be the most dramatic manifestation of the progressive abandonment of deeply held convictions.

If Stevens deplores the influence of a faction ready to defend the words of a president who bet on the hatred, anger and racism to divide his country, he did not spare a mea culpa. The author claims to have ignored obvious signs of slippage, and this, in the course of the last fifty years.

Essentially, the strategist notes that the training policy has transformed itself gradually into a “party of the white man’s anger”, abandoning the project to speak to all Americans. We not only build on the areas predominantly white, it antagonizes the other.

The republicans are struggling to reach the electorate women and minorities? It is not even the effort to develop strategies to win them back, it “stretches” the vote of the white population, and accused the democrats of ignoring them (which is not totally false). We can no longer win the popular vote? Bet it all on the electoral college.

I can support the finding of Stevens and my own observations of the evolution of the party go in this direction. The interest of the author’s book lies in its perspective. A member also influential has contributed to numerous election campaigns dares to commit publicly in full presidential election is not trivial.

Stuart Stevens goes even further and suggests that a defeated republican in November could be beneficial. Only the spectrum of defeats repeated can lead to a true reflection and a purging of the most harmful of the republican Party.

We will eventually have to return to a message less aggressive and courting all constituencies election with a platform that is not limited to the forms of hollow. The demographic development of the country may be because of a discourse of division and opposition.

During the campaign of 2016, it was reported that, with reason, of the divisions within the democratic Party. Driven more and more to his left, the training of Joe Biden seems to be temporarily united to defeat Trump.

As soon as the day after a possible victory, we will see if this beautiful unit can be maintained. But let us not forget that the republicans must deal with their own struggles and that they may well lose more than the presidency in 2020. The democrats should keep the Room and the polls for the Senate are encouraging. Fear as the engine of change? Stuart Stevens thinks so.

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