These stars own professional teams

These stars are professional team owners


Earlier this week, we learned that Ryan Reynolds was part of a group of investors who filed an offer for $800M to buy the Ottawa Senators. 

If it works out, it won't be a first such venture for the Vancouver-born actor who owns, along with his friend Rob McElhenney, from AFC Wrexham since February 2021.

Wrexham is a Welsh soccer club that plays in the National League, the fifth tier of English soccer.

Reynolds isn't the only well-established performer to have more or less significant shares in a sports organization. You will even be surprised to know the identity of some stars who have invested in sports projects.

Matthew McConaughey – Austin FC (MLS)

The well-known actor is something of a mascot for the team as he attends games whenever he is in Austin, the city where he went to college which later became his adopted city. He became co-owner of the team in 2019, which played its first season in 2021.

Will Ferrell – Los Angeles FC (MLS)

< p>In the movie Screams and Kicks, Will Ferrell coached kids in soccer. He brought it all into real life by becoming a minority shareholder of LAFC when the club was founded in 2016. There are a few other well-known personalities among the minority shareholders, including Magic Johnson and Nomar Garciapara.

Drew Carey, Macklemore and Ciara – Seattle Sounders (MLS)

Drew Carey, who now hosts The Price Is Right, got in the boat from the beginning of the team, the others join later. There are also other familiar faces among the owners, including a well-known Seattle figure, Ken Griffey Jr.

Michael B Jordan – AFC Bournemouth (Premier League) and FC Lorient (Ligue 1)

The actor we knew in the Creed and Black Panther franchises joined Las Vegas Golden Knights owner Bill Foley in investing in Bournemouth last fall. The group has since also invested in FC Lorient.

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith – Philadelphia 76ers (NBA)

When Will Smith isn't slapping at the Oscars, he's investing in the Philadelphia 76ers, his hometown. With his wife Jada, he first became a minority owner in 2011. The couple became a majority owner by investing US$250 million (CA$350 million) last year. According to Sportico, the 76ers are worth an estimated US$3.21 billion (CA$4.4 billion).

Justin Timberlake – Memphis Grizzlies (NBA)

The singer and actor invested in the Grizzlies in 2012 and is part of a group of co-owners. He owns a small percentage of the team's shares.

Natalie Portman – Angel City FC (NWSL)

The actress is part of a group of women who founded the club in 2020 and she was not the only one since we also find Serena Williams, Jessica Chastain, America Ferrera, Jennifer Garner and Eva Longoria in this group.

< strong>Jerry Bruckheimer and Macklemore – Seattle Kraken (NHL)

Yes singer Macklemore is investing in another Seattle team, but as a small investor. Bruckheimer, who produced a ton of films like Top Gun, The Rock or Armageddon, is among the main shareholders.

< h3>Usher – Cleveland Cavaliers (NBA)

The popular singer stretched out nine million US dollars in 2005 to get shares in the team that had no luster current. But he had flair since he had just started his career. The team went on to enjoy great success and won the NBA championship in 2016.