They are fleeing the city: a house in the eastern Townships for less than half her condo in Montreal

Ils fuient la ville: une maison en Estrie pour moitié moins cher que son condo à Montréal

Tatiana Lyssan was ahead of his proposed move to the eastern Townships after finding a century-old house perfect to Orford, which will reduce half your mortgage, compared to his condo in Ahuntsic.

“I’ll pay half the mortgage in Montreal, but the house is larger and I now have three acres of land. It is true that the remains centenary is going to require a lot of work, but let’s say that it is quality of life different, ” she says.

Passionate about the renovation, Ms. Lyssan will refresh his taste his new home.

Its objective is to invest in its new region by opening a small shop artistic, adjacent to the residence.

Loss of employment

Tatiana Lyssan had already in mind to leave Montreal in the fall or next winter, but she was able to pre-empt his project because of the pandemic.

“With the COVID and everything that happened in the middle of the restore, I lost my job as a representative in the wine. This is a very uncertain. It has prompted me to sell my condo in Ahuntsic move to the eastern Townships “, she says.

Dream campaign

By moving in the Cantons-de-l’est, Tatiana Lyssan hope to be closer to the beautiful landscapes, the earth, nature and animals.

“I used plenty of the city. I went to many bars and restaurants at the time where Saint-Laurent boulevard was in. Now that I’m in the fifties, it is behind me. I research something else, ” says the one who dreamed for a long time of the campaign.

In recent years, the level of stress is turned up a notch in Montreal, she believes.

“For example, I could not meet with as many clients than before because of the traffic that was increasing still. I spent twice as much time on the road or looking for parking. I was pissed the bowl “.

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