They are fleeing the city: back to the family cottage

Ils fuient la ville: retour dans le chalet familial

The pandemic quickly realize a Montrealer for 25 years as the nature and the great outdoors he was lacking, which led him to sell his condo in Outremont, and then to move into the family cottage, at Sutton.

“As early as mid-march, when my employer told us that it would work now at home, I am left to sit in the family cottage, which is located in the middle of nature and near a lake “, said Philippe Rioux.

Used to take summer jobs in day camps, he would have passed a first summer season in the city, before the pandemic decides otherwise.

“Montreal, it is fun, but as long as the city is lit. When activities such as festivals and live performances have collapsed, I needed to bring me closer to nature. I didn’t want to spend the summer stuck inside waiting for the time, ” he explains.

Quit his job

Telework is not for everyone and Philippe Rioux is proof of that. He had a lot of success as an account manager at Xerox before the pandemic forces them to stay home.

“I loved to go meet with clients, find solutions for their businesses and making sales,” he says. And then we had to do it all at home and by phone. We could not meet customers. ”

Rather than endure this new lifestyle wasn’t for him, he took the decision to sell her condo in Montreal and then quit his job.

“To sell my condo, this was my exit door. I no longer had a mortgage to pay, so I could afford to resign “, lance-t-il.

In the beginning, his stay at the family cottage was to last a few weeks, the time that the crisis is slowing and Montreal found its colors. Eventually, he moved permanently to Sutton.

“I don’t know how long I want to stay here. I do not exclude to come back to live in Montreal one day. Maybe I’ll be able to take advantage of the lower prices in real estate in order to buy my next condo “, he says.

The joy of working outside

A few hours after the interview with The Journal, Philippe Rioux started his first day as manager of the reception at camping Huttopia in Sutton.

“Yes, I made a cross on a good salary, but it’s not worth it so not worth it to be unmotivated for 15 000 $. I like better to spend my summer outside and have fun, ” explains he.

Philippe Rioux describes himself as someone that was heading in life. When he is unhappy in a situation, he does not hesitate to make every effort to find what he is passionate about.

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