They are fleeing the city: holy peace in the Bas-Saint-Laurent

Ils fuient la ville: la sainte paix dans le Bas-Saint-Laurent

Exasperated by the stress which increased in the same time that the number of cases of COVID, Vincent Collard saw the pandemic as an opportunity to run away from Montreal, and moving into the Bas-Saint-Laurent.

“Montreal, it is a slower pace of life fast and exciting. It is always in a hurry. It is hard to describe, but with the pandemic, it became unbearable. I realized that I need to breathe more than that, ” says Vincent Collard.

He cherished the dream of moving to the countryside for a while already, but the health crisis has prompted them to take action.


Since the beginning of the crisis, the reviewer’s language is switched to mode teleworking full-time.

“I asked my two main customers, if our new way of working, is 100% telecommuting, fitted them for the long term,” he says. Both have accepted without problem. “

The pandemic quickly realize that all he needs to do his job, it is a good internet connection.

“I am, therefore, makes a great gift : I pays for a new life,” says the one who will be celebrating his fifty years in July.

Peace of mind

After visiting homes in the eastern Townships, Mauricie and Charlevoix, the choice is stopped on a small house located in Notre-Dame-du-Portage, near Rivière-du-Loup.

“When I arrived at the bottom of the river, I realized that it was here that I wanted to live. In the house I rented, I see the river from my window. The view is amazing “, expresses the one piaffe this impatience to the idea of finding a mode of life more calm and quiet. He will leave so the district of Mercier, in Montreal, in mid-July.

He was also surprised that for the price of a small 4 and a half in Montreal, he could rent a house with a garden big enough to install a fireplace and a picnic table.


Most of all, Vincent Collard was looking forward to the conviviality of a small village of the region.

“With all that follows from the pandemic, we would say that Montrealers are wary even more of each other. I had no desire to see this, ” he breathed.

With its 1000 inhabitants, Notre-Dame-du-Portage has very little in common with the metropolis.

“There is always a greater user-friendliness that comes with a small village. Even if I’m going to be new in the corner, this is not very long for I meet the people. I find it nice to just be able to go to the home of my neighbor, coffee in hand, if I want to talk to you. It is a completely different lifestyle than the city.”

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