They are fleeing the city: “The real estate market is crazy”

Ils fuient la ville: «Le marché immobilier est fou»

After several offers to purchase filed on houses, a couple approaching retirement has finally found the perfect home in Saint-Hippolyte ; but to flee Montreal, he had to resign himself to spend more than the initial budget.

“The real estate market is crazy ! It has been very difficult [the process of purchasing a home], ” says Denis Brissette, who will be moving in August in his new residence in Saint-Hippolyte, in the Laurentians region.

On several occasions, its tender was not selected, because there were already other buyers in the race. At one point, the old Montreal is, in fact, back in the competition with four people in a house located in Saint-Colomban.

“Every time there was a home interesting, she left very quickly,” he explains.

Denis Brissette and his wife, Louisette Langlois, had no other choice than to increase their budget. “To have the house, we were forced to give more to the seller than the original amount “.

Project ahead

It is the pandemic that has pushed the couple to want to leave Montreal, a project that he envisaged at the start for retirement.

Mr. Brissette will continue to work in Montreal as a specialist in motor control, while his partner is evaluating the possibility of teleworking or retire early.

“The pandemic has encouraged us to accelerate our project. It was tanned to be seen as people who are sick and infected, which would contaminate the rest of Quebec. We saw on tv of people saying that they did not want to see of Montreal in their region in order not to be contaminated, ” plague Mr. Brissette.

During the period of confinement, the latter felt “stuck” in the metropolis, and he was not enthusiastic to the idea of living a second wave of COVID on the island of Montreal.

“We could not even visit the regions. We were all glued to each other. In short, we were looking for a quiet place and quiet, where you will be further away from our neighbors, but close to nature “, he explains.

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