They are fleeing the city: they moved from their luxurious condo for a century-old house

Ils fuient la ville: ils troquent leur luxueux condo pour une maison centenaire

Suffering from lack of space during the containment, a couple from Montreal, who had a condo dream, has decided to leave the city to Chambly.

“I saw a mixture of emotions. I’m pissed off, content and happy. I’m excited, but at the same time it stresses me out a little to imagine myself in this new life-style when even different, ” says Sebastien Pilon.

For the past three years, a man of 32 years, and his spouse, Danny Deschenes, 45 years old, remain in a tower of condos in the popular area of Griffintown near the Lachine canal.

This condo Griffintown has been featured in a magazine of decoration.

Need air

Custom built and decorated with taste by professionals, their apartment ultra modern 1000 square feet has been featured in the magazine I decorate The most beautiful kitchens in Quebec.

The apartment of the couple has been custom built and decorated by professionals.

During the confinement, the couple has, however, suffered from a lack of space.

Danny DeschĂȘnes, who works in finance, was the only one of his team to make it to his downtown office since it did not have a space to work at home.

Faced with the impossibility to expand their condo to install a desk, and the absence of any private land, settle outside of the city has become an upcoming project. “The mode of work is changing.

“I couldn’t continue to work alone in the office, while my colleagues could work from their home. Through the purchase of our house, I am going to the office only once or twice a week, ” says the banker.

As to Mr. Pilon, who works as a freelancer in radio and tv, he found himself without a job due to cancellation of filming of television programming.


Their condo is being sold without a real estate agent in just a week. The couple claims to have made a profit of $200,000.

Thanks to the purchase of their home in Chambly, on the South Shore of Montreal, they expect to save about $ 500 per month, or approximately 20% of their fixed costs.

The containment has led the couple to re-examine its priorities.

“The water’s edge, tranquility, space… as Much as I love the people in life, during the confinement, I realized that I had one side a little wild. I realized that maybe I need a life a bit more row, ” says Mr. Pilon.

Even if they loved to go eat at the trendy restaurants of the city centre, they are anxious to be able to take their drink alone… on the edge of the water.

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