They are the pride of the country: as the Square of stars encourages most worthy representatives of the nation

Stars on the square of stars in the center of Kiev is becoming more and more

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Ими гордится страна: как  Площадь звезд  поощряет самых достойных представителей нации

Star memory of Maria Primachenko

Many countries in the world with respect to the merits of its prominent figures of culture, art, sport and try to perpetuate the spirit of the time. So, walk of fame, appeared in Los Angeles, Lodz, London, Hong Kong, Cannes, Monaco… In 2015 in Kiev, as many know, had my own star Square. Good location in the “heart” of Kiev, along the streets of Lesya Ukrainka, Esplanadnaya and Sports area near shopping center Gulliver, has already made a star Square the favorite place of residents and guests of the capital.

The example of the young

Opened the star Square at the initiative of the “Gulliver” shopping Mall, with the support of the public organization “connects this event with his Peremoga”, channel Music BOX, the ministries of youth and sport, information policy and management of tourism of the Kyiv city state administration and the Ukrainian Academy. According to the initiators of the project, the main goal of square was to remind Ukrainians about the great achievements of fellow countrymen. While they managed to do a lot more. The importance of this object is difficult to overestimate the cultural and historical points of view. Without a doubt, people are marked with stars on the Square, made a huge contribution, thanks to which became famous. Their success, they not only became an example for the Ukrainians, but said the Ukraine far beyond its borders.

Each year, stars on the square is getting bigger. More recently, a new: June 27 – in honor of actress and TV presenter Rima zyubina, the theater and film actor, screenwriter, Ahtem Seitablaev, and July 3 – in honor of the athletes Stanislav Medvedenko (basketball), Yana Klochkova (swimming), Valery Borzov (running) and Michael Romanchuk (swimming).

Ими гордится страна: как  Площадь звезд  поощряет самых достойных представителей нации

Ahtem Seitablaev and Rimma zyubina.

“I was always singing. Admired the voice and work of Nina Matvienko, and when may came on a tour to Kiev, first thing I did – visited the Avenue of stars and took photos with the star of Nina Mitrofanovna. At this point, I was visited by an incredible rush of joy and strength. I felt that I had to follow in the footsteps of the people’s artist and next year I’ll go to the Conservatory to develop his talent”, – says Natalia Berezhko from the sum. She is confident that the Area stars have to be updated with new names worthy of inspiring others.

The organizers say that the project met their expectations and the names of decent Ukrainians, star for star, added to the cultural heritage for future generations.

“It is important not to forget that we are Ukrainians, but these people have glorified, strengthened our identity in the world. It’s worth a lot and it must know and remember that our children and grandchildren” – say in the Mall Gulliver.

Tip for tourists

For anybody not a secret that trails be sure to go through places such as the Plaza of the stars. Last year, Kiev was visited by 1.9 million foreign and 3 million domestic tourists. Kiev tour guides claim that about 80% of them visited the Kiev Area stars.

Star Olya Polyakova.1/11

“This attraction is included in almost every tour almost all of the guides. Area stars interesting for arrived in Kiev, our fellow citizens, and foreigners. And those and others have their picture taken next to the stars and join our culture and art”, – says the Kyiv tour guide Elena Kharchenko.

That through the star Square is convenient to learn about the outstanding masters of cinema, music and sports who have made a contribution to Ukrainian culture, the project organizers say.

“The stars in the area have the indicator work of an artist (film, music, sport) and a QR code that leads to the project page and talks about the achievements of the celebrities. Since tourists are easier to learn more about Kiev, the country, and, in fact, about movies, music, sports,” – says one of the organizers of the project, management PR Director Gulliver Tatiana Atajanova.

Celebrities convinced that the work is not in vain

Recognition in the form of a star on the square of stars are happy and the stars themselves. Singer Olya Polyakova believes that such attention gives artists the wings to work on.

“I’m glad the star. And sure deserve it. From all these red carpets and limousines look beautiful. But no one sees the sleepless nights, heavy traveling between cities, when we normally sleep, do not eat. But the task of the artist is to brighten life for people. And if I get at least some time in your life to change your mood or to decorate your world, so I do not live in vain,” — said Polyakov.

The existence of the square of fame believes that it is important and the Ukrainian athlete and coach, master of Ukrainian Boxing, the permanent President of the League of professional Boxing of Ukraine, honored coach of Ukraine Mikhail Zavialov.

“The square of stars is a very good initiative. Athletes bring glory to our Motherland. They deserve to be remembered and commemorated, and the younger generation, looking at them, also sought to become Champions. And of course, I am pleased that you noted my contribution to the development of Ukrainian Boxing,” – says Mikhail Zavialov.

The organizers plan to open 100 stars. Who of the Ukrainians will be immortalized in the square?

Ими гордится страна: как  Площадь звезд  поощряет самых достойных представителей нации

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