They camped on the Place des Arts for the climate

Ils campent sur la Place des Arts pour le climat

MONTREAL – about A dozen citizens have established their camp Wednesday on the site of Place des Arts, to advocate for government actions that are specific to the climate crisis.

These organizations plan to continue their protest until action plans are adopted by the three levels of government. “We expect that [François] Legault, [Valerie] Plant and [Justin] Trudeau, ideally, come speak to us,” said activist Gabriel Townsend.

The group, scattered in a few tents, and claims to share “quick and concrete”. “We demand that these three levels to adopt an action plan by the end of the year to decarbonise the economy and transitionner towards a fair economy, local and social by 2025,” said Mr. Townsend.

The latter has ensured that public health standards are met, and that “all the world is invited to join” the movement.

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