“They complement each other”: Ilona Gvozdeva admitted, who is sick in the Grand final “Tanzu s with a stars”

"Они друг друга дополняют": Илона Гвоздева призналась, за кого болеет в суперфинале "Танців з зірками"

Ilona Gvozdeva, z Dances with stars

today, 13:05

On Sunday, November 24, we will know the winner “Tanzu s with a stars”. Three pairs of finalists – Xenia Mishin and Zhenya kot, Anna Rizatdinova and Alexander Prokhorov, Victoria Bulitko and Dmitry Dikusar – preparing for the final broadcast, which will begin on 1+1 TV channel at 21:00.

In the final project left Vladimir Ostapchuk and Ilona Gvozdeva, which last year received the coveted Cup in a pair with Igor Lastochkin.

Znayu talked with Ilona about her a pair of the favorite in the Superfinal, about the severity of the judges this season and General Vova Ostapchuk and Igor Lastochkin.

"Они друг друга дополняют": Илона Гвоздева призналась, за кого болеет в суперфинале "Танців з зірками"

Ilona Gvozdeva and Vladimir Ostapchuk

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Ilona, who will you support in the super final “Tanzu s with a stars”?

Cheer for Eugene the Cat and Ksenia Mishina and believe that they have the best tandem of all the finalists. If you think: Anya – perfect technique, but I would like more of the heart; Vika Dima – a lot of soul, but not enough technique, and Zhenya and Ksenia is the symbiosis that 50 to 50. They complement each other. This pair looks impressive and bright. I would like to see for season 3 Jack, as my colleague has already received the victory Cup, because I really think he deserved it.

How was this season for you?

This season, from the point of view of training of stars, was originally a little higher level, but for me, it was mentally harder because it was a new team, a lot of new people. You know, when you are accustomed to working for two seasons with one team, that all established, you understand each other perfectly. And here I had to meet people again, somewhere again to discuss technical issues, something to modify, to alter, to change his mind, so a little hard. What does not kill us makes us stronger! And I think this season was fire, water and copper pipes. We’ve all been! If there is a fourth season, God forbid, I personally do not fear anything anymore.

There were many rumors about the divorce of your partner, even if it’s PR it was intended for the sake of winning the project, they say, will soon Ostapchuk wife reunited. Is it really so?

It seems to me that this question needs to be ask is not for me and Volodya. I can say that they continue to communicate well with his wife Lena, and she is now in Toronto. That’s all I can comment on.

"Они друг друга дополняют": Илона Гвоздева призналась, за кого болеет в суперфинале "Танців з зірками"

Vladimir Ostapchuk with his ex-wife and children

Most striking was this season? What was memorable?

Honestly, for me, the most striking was probably aired on Halloween. They all had crazy good looking images. By the way, in this broadcast, I really liked Bulitko with Dima. Because they were really like heroes that are descended from the pages of the book and the movie by Tim Burton: so real and so in it harmonious. This dance of the dead bride and her fiancé were great! He was the most striking.

"Они друг друга дополняют": Илона Гвоздева призналась, за кого болеет в суперфинале "Танців з зірками"

Bulitko – Dikusar and Mishina – cat

What about the judges – very strict he was?

This year’s project were pleased with the renewed line-up of judges. From the very beginning on “Dancing with the stars” has a new judge to the project, but long familiar to international choreographer Francisco Gomez. He has made a fresh look at the evaluation of dance, and his cherished “love, love, love” wanted to hear each pair.

In the middle of a project, there was a legend Gregory Chapkis. Of course, judges are often can’t always say what I think and want, because airtime, unfortunately, can’t stretch. But, I always happy, we anyway communicate with the jury, not only in the frame, but behind the scenes.

"Они друг друга дополняют": Илона Гвоздева призналась, за кого болеет в суперфинале "Танців з зірками"

Judges of the project Dances with stars s

So I am always pleased to hear some of their comments, their recommendations. I was never upset with the judges comments, I’ve always considered this normal, has always been self-critical, and everything that is said in the address of our couples has always deserved.

Nothing bad about them?

Personally, I have nothing bad to say. The only thing – I’m so sorry Grigory Nikolaevich. True! Every time they talk, I think that it is so hard. He feels very strongly about! He is afraid to offend the participants. G. N. is very cool, he’s a legend, he’s cool.

Who most impressed you of the participants?

If to speak about boys parties, I can’t help but praise your partner because of all the guys, and “dancing with the stars” proved it – he left. I think it is, of course, the winner among boys. I am proud of his hard work! He really spent hours with or without me rehearsed, something honed, looked in the mirror, as he does, what he looks like. He’s a workaholic, it shows! I thank him for it. It grew so that it can conduct master classes for Amateurs. I Vova was saying: “You’re not just leading, but leading with dance experience and seniority”. Vova was the best for me!

"Они друг друга дополняют": Илона Гвоздева призналась, за кого болеет в суперфинале "Танців з зірками"

Igor Lastochkin, Ilona Gvozdeva and Vladimir Ostapchuk

If you compare him with Igor Lastochkin, if they have something in common?

Honestly, I want to say, Ostapchuk and Swallow is, from the point of view of human qualities, for me heaven and earth. Not in terms of one good, the other bad. This is in terms of dance. When Igor went to the floor, he’s really enjoying the dance, all the while keeping in focus the partner, and it was a team effort. Unfortunately, when I got Dylan to the floor, he often thought about how it looks.

What’s the difference? Vova was the excellent pupil in all that concerns the dance, image, technology, and Igor performing on stage, just forget everything and have fun. I think it was transmitted to the audience. Vova wanted to be spiritually, and Igor was real. And that’s the difference.

Michael Kukuk recently said that left the project with a sense of freedom, and you?

You know, it was the same feeling of freedom, and I repeat with Michael, because the project was taking up all my free time: I saw a family, their children in the Studio, I saw part of the students. And when you realize that finally on Monday, you can just sleep and you will not have to run – no meeting, rehearsal, that is, of course, kicks! But overall, it was morally difficult, even though we all stress.

But when you know it is finished – the first thing I came home got in the shower and just stood under the water for a very long time to recover, to wash away the stress, the looks, the comments… That is really very difficult. Every broadcast is stress and adrenaline at the same time, so tired of this. And even my husband can attest to, Monday after the broadcast I was practically silent all day. Because you experience so many emotions on Sunday that on Monday you’re squeezed lemon and must be recharged from something, from someone.

If the offer to participate in the next season, what say?

I’ll be thinking! 100% don’t give because it’s life, no one can give hundred percent, and suddenly I have a child there, for example? This is the life! Let’s wait and see. Dance I know I will!

"Они друг друга дополняют": Илона Гвоздева призналась, за кого болеет в суперфинале "Танців з зірками"

The participants of the Superfinal Tanzu with stars

Earlier, Michael Kuchuk admitted that he did not like to “Tancah s with a stars”.

And in a conversation with Know.ia Anna Rizatdinova frankly admitted, as the “Dancing with the stars” changed her.

In addition, superfinalists “Dancing with the stars” Ksenia Mishina told Know.ia about the similarities with Lydia Schaefer of the popular Ukrainian TV series “Fortress”.

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