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They get married during a Taylor Swift concert

They get married during a Taylor Swift concert


It's safe to say that some admirers love their love Taylor Swift! A 'Swiftie' couple took advantage of the star's Eras tour concert in Arizona to exchange their wedding vows. 

René Hurtado and Max Bochman were doubly looking forward to the show. Taylor Swift from Saturday March 18th. The couple – wearing respectively a white dress and a veil as well as a black suit – took advantage of a musical intermission to get married.

The whole thing was obviously filmed and immortalized by the friends of the couple and bystanders who witnessed the scene.

According to TMZ, the couple initially considered elopement (*to elope) on the day of Taylor Swift's concert and using the concert as their -even as their wedding reception. The lovers instead decided to get married during the show.

On his Instagram account, René Hurtado said he was overjoyed to have obtained such good seats and “to have Swift play at his wedding”.

“Do you understand how close I was to her?, she wrote in a short-lived publication (story). I died!

Taylor Swift's The Eras tour kicked off with two dates in Glendale, Arizona, over the same weekend. Audiences were treated to 44 songs – hits drawn from two decades of career – by the pop star dressed in many dazzling costumes.

Recently, a marriage proposal took place during a concert by Harry Styles in Singapore. Another couple attended the Adele show in Las Vegas wearing wedding dresses and attire. Adele reportedly even autographed the wedding dress.

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