They have defeated the COVID-19: A nun does not cry out for victory

Ils ont vaincu la COVID-19: Une religieuse ne crie pas victoire

Although the situation is under control for a month already with the Sisters Antoniennes-of-Mary, the sister superior of the congregation of Chicoutimi, which has itself defeated the virus, still refuses to declare victory.

“Oh no, I am not shouting victory ! This is not finished as long as this is not finished, as in baseball, ” says Ginette Laurendeau.

The mother house of the Sisters Antoniennes-de-Marie was the first religious congregation to be hit by the coronavirus in the beginning of the crisis.

In total, four nuns died of the COVID-19, while 23 other sisters were hospitalized in the infirmary after contracting the virus from the end of the month of march.

Ginette Laurendeau is itself a part of the survivors of the virus.

“Very virulent “

Aged 71 years, sister Ginette says that the virus “is very virulent” while she was caught up by a number of symptoms of the disease.

“It was the shortness of breath that I had at the beginning “, tells the story of the lady who has seen the first signs of the disease, the Sunday of Easter.

“I’ve had the fever, obviously, and I was tested positive,” continues sister Ginette. And then, I’ve had the cough, a cough which comes suddenly. “

The sister superior believes that it is his good physical shape, which saved her life. “I don’t smoke, I walked all winter outside, so I was in good physical shape “, she explains.

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