They have defeated the COVID-19: A veteran of the army of 97 years stronger than the virus

Ils ont vaincu la COVID-19: Un vétéran de l’armée de 97 ans plus fort que le virus

At the end of an interminable confinement of more than a month, a veteran of the Second world War 97 years has finally defeated the COVID-19.

After picking up the body of his countrymen soon after the landing in Normandy and lost his wife and first child in a car accident, Henry Darveau has never stopped fighting to live.

The man remained for as long as possible in the family home of Donna-cona, before they finally realise that it would be more safety in a seniors ‘ residence.

Without hesitation, his choice was stopped on the maison Paul-Triquet, located in Quebec city, which is only available to veterans of the war.

“This is really contradictory as a feeling, because he had come here to the result of health problems and because he did not want to die, and especially not home alone. And there, it is the residence that makes it so that he caught this virus and that he could die, ” says his daughter, Marie-Josée Darveau, who is police the royal Canadian mounted police.

Mr. Darveau has been declared positive, the COVID-19 on Easter Sunday.

“The nurses were surprised because he had no symptoms, he was pretty sick at a certain point, however,” says his daughter, who is looking forward to the amazing healing of his father, considering his age.

Best moral

The in his nineties has finally received its two negative trials in mid-may. Since that time, he was finally allowed to leave his room. His morale has greatly improved.

Henry Darveau, who has had a life for the less hectic, is far from being in his first race.

In 1944, when he was 22 years old, he enlisted in the canadian armed Forces in the middle of the war.

One of his first mandates was to go “clean up” the banks of the d-day landing beaches of Normandy. In other words, he was to fly home the body of his countrymen died in battle.

The young soldier during the Second world War, its mandate was to recover the bodies of his colleagues.

In the summer of 1949, Mr. Darveau was involved in a car accident drama, where his first wife and his son are deceased.

He remarried shortly after and the couple had 10 other children. In order to “to feed all those mouths,” Henry Darveau worked until his retirement in a factory.

A period of remarkable

Like many men of his generation, his military service was highly marked, and Mr. Darveau has rarely opened up about his time overseas.

“He told me for the first time there are three or four years after a day of Remembrance, remembers his daughter. It was emotional and was crying. “

At the beginning of may, Henry Darveau received the visit of some of his girls through the window of his room, since visitors were not allowed.

Evidence that we underestimate sometimes the power of a simple visit, the appetite of their father has suddenly returned after their departure.

“I’m happy, my girls haven’t forgotten me finally “, has quietly launched the in his nineties at the clerk, shortly after their departure.

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