They have defeated the COVID-19: Chants and dances to defeat the COVID

Ils ont vaincu la COVID-19: Chants et danses pour vaincre la COVID

Transferred to the NURSING homes “under surveillance” of Sainte-Rose in Laval at the beginning of may, a woman was quickly caught the COVID, but managed to defeat the disease, in particular thanks to the encouragement of charge to the beneficiaries.

“Ms. Dorais, what she wanted to hear, this is the song where is happiness , “says Nathalie Bourque, an employee of the CISSS de Laval, who went to lend a hand in several NURSING homes.

After working at the CHSLD Val of the Trees, where the army also went to help because of the “disorganization” which reigned there, Ms. Bourque has been transferred to the CHSLD Sainte-Rose.

The clerk there made the acquaintance of Jacqueline Dorais, a woman of 83 years who had been declared positive with the COVID.

“He had to take care of their morale, I was convinced of it,” says Ms. Bourque has a strong experience in Val of Trees.

While respecting the aloofness, the staff did activities with the beneficiaries with the COVID, but in the process of healing. “There are two people in particular, I was sure they were going to die and they are healed,” says Ms. Bourque.


This latter has even made a video where we see the recipients, sing, and move to the sound of the music. Of this number, Jacqueline Dorais had asked the attendants to sing and move on the song It is where the happiness, of Christophe Maé.

Ms. Dorais had been admitted to the CHSLD Sainte-Rose on 7 may, after having spent several weeks in the hospital.

“I had the bibitte a week after,” she said, speaking of the virus. Declared positive, the woman confined to a wheelchair, said to have been mainly a sore throat and was unable to speak for four days.

Of course, Ms. Dorais has also had a hacking cough during the worst of the disease, but she claims to have gone through the episode relatively well. “It did not make me fear, my lungs were fine and my breathing too,” she says.

The lady, who was paralyzed from one day to the next day, a few years ago with severe pain in the legs, has very much enjoyed the dance sessions while she won her battle against the COVID.

“I had a beautiful relationship with Nathalie, when it went wrong, she was there to help us,” said Ms. Dorais, who had both tests negative since.

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