They have defeated the COVID-19 : find out who are the survivors from quebec who have had the top on the virus

Ils ont vaincu la COVID-19 : découvrez qui sont les survivants québécois qui ont eu le dessus sur le virus

Around the world, the main victims of the pandemic are those aged over 70 years. But some seniors beat the odds and defeated the virus. The Log you present to these survivors of quebec.

“We thought it was the end”

A woman of 102 years old, has survived the COVID-19 the greatest relief of his loved ones who have lived through days of anguish, fearing to lose it.

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It survives thanks to the love of his children

A man of 101 years has believed that he would not come to the end of the COVID-19. But the love of her many children, has allowed him to win his fight.

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Grandma Lulu

It is called the Lucille Lecavalier. Lecavalier, this is her maiden name. But for my family and me, she has always been grandma Trudeau. Lulu for friends.

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A religious does not cry out for victory

Although the situation is under control for a month already with the Sisters Antoniennes-of-Mary, the sister superior of the congregation of Chicoutimi, which has itself defeated the virus, still refuses to declare victory.

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Healed, she wants to reach 100 years

Now that she has survived the COVID-19 without any symptoms, Madeleine Larouche, 98 years old, doesn’t see why she wouldn’t make it to 100 years.

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“I had asked my wife to make preparations for my death”

A seventy-year-old from Laval, who contracted the COVID-19 last march, had asked his wife to go to the church to prepare for his funeral, believing he would not survive the virus.

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Songs and dances to defeat the COVID

Transferred to the NURSING homes “under surveillance” of Sainte-Rose in Laval at the beginning of may, a woman was quickly caught the COVID, but managed to defeat the disease, in particular thanks to the encouragement of charge to the beneficiaries.

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Two sisters rescued by video calls

Video calls would have played a critical role in the healing of two sisters who have defeated the COVID-19 at CHSLD LaSalle, Montreal, quebec, as a niece of the two women.

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The warrior “without pain or symptoms”

At 97 years, Jeannette Roy, a resident of the Home Our Lady in Magog, defeated the COVID-19 “without pain or symptoms,” says the lady, in a laughing frank.

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A veteran of the army of 97 years stronger than the virus

At the end of an interminable confinement of more than a month, a veteran of the Second world War 97 years has finally defeated the COVID-19.

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