They have defeated the COVID-19: Healed, she wants to reach 100 years

Ils ont vaincu la COVID-19: Guérie, elle veut atteindre 100 ans

Now that she has survived the COVID-19 without any symptoms, Madeleine Larouche, 98 years old, doesn’t see why she wouldn’t make it to 100 years.

“I didn’t even noticed,” says Madeleine Larouche smiling, then she spoke recently with The Journal.

The lady of 98 years of age resides for about a year at CHSLD Manoir Hardwood, Vaudreuil-Dorion.

As of the date of 19 may, this institution had received 48 positive diagnosis on 58 residents, since the beginning of the pandemic.

Of this number, 17 people died – the majority due to the virus – revealed with sadness Simon Herrelou, responsible for the customer service of the CHSLD.

Mrs. Larouche has been the first surprise, when he learned that she had obtained a “positive” result to the virus, in mid-April.

As she had no obvious symptoms, she says this disease has not had time to make him fear.

“From what I could see, she was in a state of health relatively correct all along “, second Mr. Herrelou.

Then, the mother of three children, received his second negative test result on may 15.


Mrs. Larouche considers himself extremely lucky to have escaped alive from this virus which could have cost him his life.

“Yes, I’m lucky, but I don’t understand why,” she admitted in all honesty.

“But after, I was happy,” says the one who said now feeling in a condition ” extra “.

After you have defeated this virulent virus, she allows herself to believe that she will reach 100 years, in less than two years.

“If I have the health that I have, I think, prides itself on it. I’m not evil or anything ! “

Intimate show

In addition, the daily support of his family in this ordeal of confinement has not been for nothing in the serene approach of the in his nineties.

His granddaughter Manon Larouche, came to him to do a small show with the help of a friend, by singing her songs, accompanied by a piano and speakers, in the courtyard of the residence.

In addition to his nineties, all the residents were able to benefit from his talent the moment of an afternoon.

And by chance, the fact of having to stay in his room do not bother too much, Mrs. Larouche. His close friends call him and visit it on a daily basis.

“But it’s going to change, now that I’m healed “, she repeats proudly, hinting that it was going to get soon the permission to go out of way supervised to take to the air.

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