They have defeated the COVID-19: Two sisters saved by video calls

Ils ont vaincu la COVID-19: Deux sœurs sauvées par des appels vidéo

Video calls would have played a critical role in the healing of two sisters who have defeated the COVID-19 at CHSLD LaSalle, Montreal, quebec, as a niece of the two women.

“They had begun to give comfort care [to relieve the pain of the patient and not cure it] to my aunt Pauline so that she does not suffer while waiting to die, but the video call has changed everything,” says Claudine Proulx who took care of his aunts with two other cousins.

The sisters Pauline and Marie-Berthe Proulx have always lived together and have no children.

Of the family home in the borough of Verdun where they took care of their mother, passing by the residence for autonomous seniors, up to the center for housing and long-term care (CHSLD).

“We had to fight a little for my aunt Pauline would go and join Marie-Berthe in its NURSING homes. We told them that if they were arranged for the couples to be together, they couldn’t separate the two sisters who had lived more than 80 years coast to coast, ” says the niece of the two sisters.

Share the disease

The ladies, who were, respectively, 92 and 90 years of age share the same disease.

The Alzheimer’s for a few years and, more recently, it is the COVID-19 of which hit, and Pauline has been most severely affected.

The latter lives at CHSLD LaSalle for less than a year and had contracted the coronavirus at the beginning of the month of April.

It is by seeing its state will wither as the staff of the place has suggested to their niece to make a video call on the platform Zoom.

The call that changed everything

“Two of my cousins and I’ve spoken to him and we saw that it was good morally. The next day, they have noticed an improvement in her health and I was phoned to tell me that they stopped the care and comfort that we began to treat the COVID “, recalls Claudine Proulx.

“When they saw the effect that had video conferencing on my aunt Pauline, my cousins have been asked to make a call-Zoom with my aunt Marie-Berthe who had stopped eating and drinking,” says the niece of the two women.

After the call of the cousins, Marie-Berthe, age 90, started to hydrate and feed.

Verdict of healing

Finally, the two sisters have received their verdict of healing at intervals of a few days, there is a little less than three weeks.

“The team of the CHSLD LaSalle has really been extraordinary and we thank them. You can breathe a little better now that it no longer expects to receive bad news every time the phone rings, ” says Claudine Proulx.

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