They have defeated the COVID-19: “We thought it was the end”

Ils ont vaincu la COVID-19: «On pensait bien que c’était la fin»

A woman of 102 years old, has survived the COVID-19 the greatest relief of his loved ones who have lived through days of anguish, fearing to lose it.

“We thought it was the end,” says Michael Best, reassured, but also surprised to see that his mother had defied the dark predictions, knowing how the coronavirus had caused the blaze at the seniors of the province.

Therese Malo-Best is likely to be one of Quebec’s most aged to defeat the COVID-19.

“But fighting the disease has weakened […] it has emptied completely,” admits her son, a week after his return home to the Habitations Bordeleau in Saint-Charles-Borromée, in Joliette.

Long period of convalescence

The convalescence will be long. Fortunately, his family can now go to his bedside, 20 minutes each day. “It feels good, and so are we !” says Mr. Best, at the age of 75 years.

Especially as the fortnight that her mother had gone to the hospital to combat the coronavirus have seemed like an ” eternity “.

Lucid and great player of cards, Ms. Malo-Best is a centenary in good health. She still has difficulty walking for too long and mild heart problems.

It is for this reason that it first had to be hospitalized. Tested on her arrival, she did not have the coronavirus.

Like many other patients unlucky, however, it has contracted the COVID-19 on-site. Headaches, fever and also needs oxygen to breathe, the virus has hit hard, and above all, for a long time.

Care ” extraordinary “

“We were in despair to see that it didn’t want to go “, blows his son, anxious every day and unable to be at the bedside of his mother in her terrible moments.

The latter lost appetite and refused to eat at times. Despite it all, Mr. Best greet care as “extraordinary” received by his mother to the hospital Pierre-Le Gardeur in Terrebonne.

When he spoke to his mother, she kept saying that she was bored of him, of his brothers and sisters, and that she was anxious to return home. But, true to her habits, she never complained.

Resilient, a fighter, or even a stubborn one : Michael Best has recognized his mother in her fight against the coronavirus.

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