They have defeated the COVID-19 : winner in one of the worst NURSING homes

Ils ont vaincu la COVID-19 : vainqueur dans un des pires CHSLD

A great-grandfather won his battle against the COVID-19 after nearly a month of struggle, in spite of its 98 years, his Alzheimer’s and the fact that it resides in one of the CHSLD de Laval most affected by the crisis of the sars coronavirus.

Adrien Fortier was a health of iron before being hit by the novel coronavirus, if we exclude the Alzheimer’s disease that afflicts over seven years.

It is probably this that has allowed him to get away with the “care of the staff of the centre” according to his son Maurice.

“It was the COVID for almost a month. Despite his illness [Alzheimer’s], he was aware of what happened. He said : “there has been a lot of sick as well as for the Spanish flu’, ” says Maurice Fortier, the day after his first visit in 10 weeks with his father as a caregiver.

The center for housing and long-term care (CHSLD) The Pine abode of Adrien Fortier is one of the institutions that have been most affected in Laval.

According to the data of the ministry of Health, 42 patients died of the COVID-19, dated 19 may. The facility has a capacity of 100 people.

Good for the moral

Maurice Fortier has been touched by her visit. His father needed a few seconds to recognize his son.

“The charge to the beneficiaries were happy to see me because they are overloaded. Also my father, ” recalls Maurice Fortier.

“He was emaciated because he had difficulty eating. Over the next few weeks, it’s going to be my role to help feed and help keep morale high. Saturday [the day of his first visit], he has eaten half of his meal. A record according to the staff, ” he continued.

Born in the region of Sherbrooke, Adrien Fortier left her village, Saint-Isidore-de-Clifton, in the adolescence in order to study at the école Mont-De-La Salle in Laval and become a religious as envisioned by his father.

After about five years of teaching as a brother of the christian schools, he disrobed in order to marry the woman of his life, Jeannine Cagner, who is still alive at 90 years of age.

Family happy with her healing

Adrien Fortier was then made a career in the food industry for grocery stores Dominion where he progressed through the ranks until becoming head of several businesses.

He and his wife have had 8 children, are grandparents to 15 times and cherish 8 great-grandchildren.

“It’s a lot of that is him and who is happy of his recovery,” concludes Maurice Fortier, who hopes that, as usual, the whole family can gather for Holidays and celebrate life together.

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