“They have no mother”: Swain Lorak spoke for the first time on children

"У них нет матери": ухажер Лорак впервые заговорил о детях

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The famous Russian singer Sergey Lazarev recently talked to reporters and openly talked about their children, and those women who them for him anymore. According to him he only for their children Anya and Nikita’s “single parent”. Sergey also said that surrogacy is not something bad.

This became known thanks to the Russian media.

"У них нет матери": ухажер Лорак впервые заговорил о детях

Lazarev, photo – channel 5

So, Sergey Lazarev said that surrogate mothers voluntarily agree to such cooperation. Prior to that, they say psychotherapists, in order to assess how ready they are for such an important decision.

"У них нет матери": ухажер Лорак впервые заговорил о детях

Sergey Lazarev with children, Express newspaper

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Sergey also believes that women decides on surrogacy, doing a good thing, but they also improve its financial state and use of the software. In this regard, Lazarev said that Anna and Nikita are fully his children.

Singer also noted that the main thing is that children grow up in love. In fact plenty of cases where children are born in a complete family, but parents drink, make trouble and do not deal at all with children. Rumor has it that Sergey Lazarev is gay, and that was the reason to use a surrogate to create a family. On the Internet there are many photos that allegedly show the lovers of the artist.

Recall, Lazarev touched first photoshoot with children Nikita and Anya: a copy of the famous beauty, but not lorac.

As reported Znaia a fan of Lorak is not shared with Bilan “laurels” of the Eurovision song contest, reached the point of absurdity.

Znayu wrote, former Lorak Murat left the new mistress.

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