They include the unpredictable in the time of a pandemic

Ils prévoient l’imprévisible en temps de pandémie

Raphael Lavoie

Reporter shows repeated, train for sports competitions, the keeping of which is compromised, repeat incessantly the travel plans of its customers: because of the pandemic, several entrepreneurs and athletes are unable to project themselves into the future.

Despite the work that they do each day, there is no guarantee that their efforts will bear fruit, because they know not at what moment their sector of activity will start.

Programming always redo

Since the beginning of the crisis, Karl-Emmanuel Picard, a programmer from Quebec city, has had to postpone a number of shows and completely revise its programming, without even knowing if these concerts could one day take place.

“There are shows that were planned in march, I deferred to April. We were told that it was not possible to postpone to may. So I deferred to the month of September or October and it is thought that this will not be possible again, ” he stressed. Have known, would be postponed to 2021. It’s still math and it is hard to control it,” says the founder of the company District 7 Production.

Karl-Emmanuel Picard

“When it’s been 15 years that you organised shows and that, from one day to the next day, you can’t organise any more shows, you never know when you’ll be able to organize… A chance that I’m young,” says the one who is also a co-owner of The Anti Bar & Entertainment.

To maximize the performance hall, the contractor must put forward new concepts, such as the organization of concerts presented on the web.

“It’s been four shows virtual that I do. For each show, I managed to sell approximately 850 tickets,” said Mr. Picard.

When the rides do not turn

This summer, due to the pandemic, Veronica Valley, a member of the owner family of the Beauce Carnival will not be able to entertain the Québec city with its carnival rides, nailed to Saint-Benoît-Labre, near Saint-Georges.

“You can’t hold the gathering before the 31 August. Then, we will see if the ban on collecting is lifted. If it is not lifted, it is stopped until 2021. In 2021, we will be able to gather? We don’t know yet”, she said.

To save the year 2020, Beauce Carnival must submit a plan to the department of public health in July. By then, the company can’t plan rides in public places. The owners wish with all my heart that the gatherings are permitted after August 31.

“We don’t want that person catches [the COVID-19]. Safety has always been the core of our company. If it continues and that things are going well, according to me, with our recommendations, you should be able to do a little something for the months of September and October,” she said.

A stepping stone in his living room

Diver Meaghan Benfeito had to move the spring to train in the pool with a view of the Tokyo Games. Confined to the house, she had to be creative to prepare for her last olympic adventure.

“I’ve had my mattress for the guest bedroom. I put it in my living room. I do my flips, I landed on the mattress. […] Yes, it fits, but it is still able to make the foundation,” she says.

Meaghan Benfeito

“We are so used to having plans written, to have people who tell us what to do. We know where we are going, what is being done every hour in the day, she said. Yes, it is stressful, but we are able to see the positive side of this. It’s been 23 years that I dive in and I’m not stressed. I know that when I go back to the pool, I’m not going to have lost everything’, says however the athlete.

“I know that I really am stronger mentally than I thought. Pushing myself each day, to get up, to stay motivated, to keep my goal in mind […] it is something that I would not have necessarily understood if there was not containment,” says Meaghan Benfeito.

An unknown destination

For to be a travel agent Mélanie Guillemette, each day is like starting over again, since it has to constantly rearrange the holiday to its customers according to the evolution of the world situation.

“We are working constantly on the same folders, because the companies are updated. We don’t have a choice, you need to redo the work, it is necessary to inform the customers”, to know the owner of Voyages Aqua Terra Levis.

Mélanie Guillemette

For example, the carrier Sunwing, which had initially offered to repay customers whose travel had been cancelled, was finally retracted the next day, ” says Ms. Guillemette, who had to recontact several passengers to offer them a “travel credit”.

“We are working upside down. Instead of selling travel, we cancel trips. […] Everything is in suspension. We volunteered, they had to lay off people,” laments the officer travel.

“We open the museums, it opens up the salon, but we, nobody is talking about us again. It has fixed costs. My rent, I pay the same. It has zero income return and there was no help offered to us by travel agencies,” critique-t-elle.

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