They walk in support of the denunciations

Ils marchent pour appuyer les dénonciations

The words “we believe you” were on the lips of more than a hundred people who marched, masked, because of the pandemic, Saturday in Trois-Rivières.

The march was for the cause of women, but also men who are victims of sexual abuse.

“In our society, a man is considered as wanting to always have sex. If there is no consent, it is assault. No matter what the body to respond positively to aggression or not”, stressed Jimmy Simard, of the body Emphasis, which helps male victims of sexual assault.

The protesters made their way to the heart of the city to remember that without yes, it is not.

“It is really to show victims that we support them, we believe them. Their public denunciations have not gone unnoticed,” said one of the organizers, Samya Lemrini.

In the wake of this new wave of denunciations, as the leader of the Bloc québécois, Yves-François Blanchet, the former protected the singer Éric Lapointe and the artist Dan Bigras have debunked this week of allegations of sexual misconduct circulating on social media, sometimes anonymously.

Nobody denies that there is a risk of skidding, when it is a question of the internet and social networks. The protesters, however, have chosen the side of the victims, too often walled up in silence.

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