They were bored to laugh

Ils s’étaient ennuyés de rire

A few minutes after his arrival on the scene, Pierre-Bruno Rivard took a break and when thirty-seven people met in the salle d’youville of Palais Montcalm cheered one of his gags. “It’s my first in three months. This really is a drug. “

Pierre-Bruno Rivard was the first comedian to go on stage on Saturday night.

He was not the only one that this interaction between artist and audience has missed sorely since everything was closed because of the sars coronavirus, in the month of march. To hear the hearty laughter of the spectators, this is the first show presented before an audience in a room of Quebec city, on Saturday evening, was good.

“It is amazing how we was bored. Shows humor, we see three or four a year “, was entrusted to Frédéric Dion, before the kick-off of the first of two performances of an hour featuring Rivard, Étienne Dano and Stéphane Had to.

Stéphane Had inspired of containment to his monologue.

“It’s good to get out and do something other than be at home and watch on tv,” she said Isabelle Parent.

A spectator even went to the bar to buy a beer and a rum and coke to Stéphane Had when he said he was bored of drinking alcohol on a stage.

“It breaks the ice “

The three comic have not pretended that the COVID-19 did not exist. Come welcome the public, Étienne Dano arrived with a mask. He confessed from the outset that he was stressed.

“It breaks the ice “, he shouted a spectator. “Yes, it has he replied, it is something historical. “

The life in containment has subsequently inspired some of the monologues of Pierre-Bruno Rivard and Stéphane Had the great good fortune of people who had obviously wanted to laugh of the cursed virus.

“This show will stay in our memories for a long time “, said Stéphane Had to be waving to the crowd at the end.

The producer is proud of it

The limit of fifty people, as well as the health standards have been met.

In all, there were 47 people in the room when the first representation was at 19 p.m. : a 37-spectators, including two sent to the Journal, seven employees of the Palais Montcalm, and the three comedians.

At 21 h, it was packed with 38 tickets sold.

The producer Karl-Emmanuel Picard was satisfied with the response from the public, even if it had to drop a representation that he was provided for 23 h.

“It may be that the artists and I will not make a lot of money, but this evening, there are employees who have not worked for the past three months. If it makes you want to of the producers who have the means to get sponsors and make it, so much the better. To see the artist names scroll by on the marquee of the Palais Montcalm, it makes me proud. ”

The Palais Montcalm will host three other shows, the 3 (Pépé and his guitar), 4 (Mononc Serge) and 5 July (Queen’s Night). The Capitol will also be presenting, in July, a series of dinner shows in the dining room, The confessional.

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