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“They'll get what they deserve in a few weeks” – Chris Wideman


TORONTO | Chris Wideman was hardly a happy man in the opposing team's small locker room at Scotiabank Arena. The 33-year-old defenseman was heartbroken about the decision to send Jett Alexander, a University of Toronto goaltender, into the net for the final 70 seconds of the game.

With a score of 7 to 1, Sheldon Keefe allowed Alexander to live a unique moment. He took advantage of a whistle to remove Ilya Samsonov from the game. In 70 seconds, Alexander did not receive a single shot. But he will never forget that day on April 8 when he jumped on NHL ice. 

At the end of a press scrum with Montreal colleague Eric Engels and Toronto colleague Kevin McGran, Wideman sent an arrow to the Maple Leafs. 

“They will get what they deserve in a few weeks,” he said. That's my opinion, but that's what it is. »

Wideman therefore predicted that the Leafs will fall again in the first round of the playoffs. This is what he implied when he said: “they will get what they deserve.  

Wiser words

Unlike Wideman, Mike Matheson and Joel Edmundson weren't mad at the Leafs over the goalie change .

“I think it was a cool time for the substitute, noted Matheson. This is the match of his life for him. »

“In the camp of the Maple Leafs, they were happy for him, added Edmundson. There was just over a minute left, the match was over. We don't mind. »

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