Thiéry Dubé : from Homer Simpson to Vin Diesel

Thiéry Dubé : de Homer Simpson à Vin Diesel

MONTREAL – The face of Thiéry Dubé no one tells you maybe nothing, but his voice, it, you is surely familiar. Or rather, “his” voice, which are also those of Grand-Papa Bi, Vin Diesel, Woody Harrelson, and since 2017, endearing and lazy Homer Simpson.

Thiéry Dubé granted to us by this maintenance at the end of may, a few days before the death of Hubert Gagnon, who had previously lent its timbre and its intonation to the famous father of the Simpson family in the quebec version of the cartoon in 26 years, from 1991 to 2017. It was he who announced the departure of his predecessor, recognized as a pioneer in the industry of dubbing here, its page on Facebook, on Sunday 7 June.

Already, in the interview, Dubé was talking about Hubert Gagnon as an inspiration.

“Hubert Gagnon is one of the greatest voice actors that we had in Quebec. To have had the chance to replace it, this is really fantastic. I now work with people who have been idols for years, as, also, Béatrice Picard and Johanne Léveillée (editor’s NOTE : the voice of Marge and Bart Simpson)”, he told an admiring tone.

“It’s like a dream, has continued to Thiéry Dubé. I was listening to “The Simpsons” when I was little. I have to pinch myself every day ; it’s like someone who would have the chance to play Bobino! (laughter).”

A thousand possibilities

Born in Montreal, but a graduate of the Conservatoire d’art dramatique de Québec, the city where he has lived for a dozen years, Thiéry Dubé, 46 years old, a lot of product on the boards of the Old Capital (Trident, Grand Theatre, etc) and then offer additional training in dubbing.

If he was able to showcase his acting talents in “Les hauts et les bas de Sophie Paquin”, “The galley”, “black Series” and “District 31”, as well as in musicals like “The sound of music” (he also had to be of “Kinky Boots”, that had to produce Just for laughs this summer, and whose performances have been cancelled), it is primarily the niche the dubbing overprint and voice of the narrative, which occupies it for the past 20 years.

Advertiser of the sector of the information HERE Radio-Canada, voice of Grand-Papa Bi in the new version of “Passe-Partout”, Woody Harrelson in “Star Wars”, Vin Diesel in “Fast and Furious” (“Fast and dangerous”), the clown Pennywise in “It” (“It”) : Thiéry Dubé is a little everywhere, without it being known necessarily.

“The dubbing can not be limited by our appearance ; if it is a small brown, large Black or a blonde girl, on tv and in the cinema, it receives roles that correspond to what one gives. But in dubbing, I can do a Black, an Asian, an old man or a guy of 22 years, in horror films or science fiction, a genre little exploited in Quebec. It makes me really happy,” said the actor.

Not an imitation

In regards To “oh!” and other replies funny Homer Simpson, Thiéry Dubé claims to have received beautiful letters of encouragement to admirers of the character for the past three years. But he acknowledges that others do not appreciate the color of “his” Homer. The main party will accept the negative comments with philosophy.

“Me, I’m of the generation “Passe-Partout”. When I was young, Ève Gagnier was the voice of Cinnamon, and at one point, she had cancer and she died. It has been replaced, and the voice of Cinnamon has slightly changed. In my head, that does not sound exactly like the voice of Cinnamon. So I can understand that people who grew up with the voice of Hubert can sometimes have a twinge. But, in general, the response has been very positive.”

“I think that’s what FOX (editor’s NOTE : diffuser original “Simpson” in the U.s.) and Teletoon wanted, this was not an imitator. That would surely have been easy for them to take a Pierre Verville, for example, who would have been able to mimic Hubert Gagnon to perfection. It was very important for the producers to keep it true to have an actor who can take ownership of Homer without distorting it,” said Thiéry Dubé.

The 30th season of “the Simpsons” is currently seen on Teletoon, and the channel rebroadcasts also episodes of past seasons of the cartoon, Monday to Friday, at 18 h, and 18 h 30 to 21 h and 21: 30 h, and 23 h, and 23 h 30, as the week-end. The series is also airing on V Monday to Friday at 16 h 30 and 17 h.

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