Thieves who stole an ancient tree, told how to care for it

Ворам, укравшим старинное дерево, рассказали, как за ним ухаживать

This tree is approximately $118 thousand.

In Japan from the garden Saitama Prefecture near Tokyo unknown stole several valuable trees. Among them was a rare bonsai – 400-year-old shimpaku, which this month was to participate in the contest. The approximate cost of trees $118 thousand. The owners left on a page in the social network of the user manual on how to take care of the trees, reports the with reference to

Fuyumi Iimura told that it was like losing a child. “The worst thing would be if the trees are not cared for properly,” she added.

“Please, water it. I want the one who took the bonsai, I was sure that it is poured. Shimpaku lived for 400 years. He needs care and can’t live a week without water, – wrote Iimura. Bonsai can live forever, even after we die, if he gets proper care.”

Her husband Seiji Iimura – master bonsai in the fifth generation. His family has been growing bonsai since the Edo period, which ended in 1868.

Junipers shimpaku, which are increasingly endangered in the wild, are found in hard rocks. Often, in order to produce them, bonsai collectors put their lives on the mountain slopes.

Ворам, укравшим старинное дерево, рассказали, как за ним ухаживать

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