Thinner Adele ready to outshine Jolie, new photo leaked to the network

Похудевшая Адель готова затмить Джоли, новое фото слили в сеть

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World renowned singer Adele has amazed fans with weight loss in recent months. She managed to throw about 45 lbs. And to stay is not going to, because her diet is only 1000 calories a day and she is at the gym, writes DailyMail.

And on Wednesday, 13 February, 31-year-old Adele looked slimmer than ever. Suddenly, the paparazzi photographed her on a walk in sportswear.

It seems that the author of the hit “Someone like you” continues to lose weight after showed his thin body party Drake on Halloween in October of last year and again during the Christmas holidays in Anguilla.

Похудевшая Адель готова затмить Джоли, новое фото слили в сеть

She was wearing a fitted sports top with long sleeves and tight leggings. The way it complemented the bracelets on her wrists and a hat.

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The couple, who began Dating in 2011 and married in 2015, confirmed their breakup in April last year. Adele has filed for divorce from Simon in September of this year. And then decided to lose weight and fans began to notice the transformation in the image of the singer.

She posted a glamorous selfie to Instagram in which she wished Drake a happy birthday and shared: “I used to cry but now I’m sweating”.

Похудевшая Адель готова затмить Джоли, новое фото слили в сеть

Also fans struck Christmas photos which Adele posing with the Grinch in the black dress with sweetheart neckline and blond hair in curls.

19-year-old College student lexi Larson told the People that he met Adele during her Caribbean vacation in early January and that the star told her that she lost “about 100 pounds” (45 kg – approx. ed).

Last month, a former personal trainer, Adele said that the incredible weight loss were achieved by strict diet “green juice, 1000 calories a day.”

Похудевшая Адель готова затмить Джоли, новое фото слили в сеть

Adele photo:

“Brazilian master of the body” Camila Gudis, who was represented by the wife of singer Robbie Williams, Ayda, has attributed aperiod to a strict diet and regular exercise.

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We will remind, skinny, 45 kg Adele didn’t recognize the “Oscar”, a strange photo with the singer.

As reported Know. ua, Adele has set an example how to lose weight 20 pounds effortlessly.

Also Know As. ua wrote that the grown thin for 25 kg Christina Aguilera showed slender body in a new clip.


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