Thinner Adele tried to “shoot” paparazzi in front of girlfriend

Похудевшая Адель пыталась "застрелить" папарацци прямо на глазах у подруги

today, 22:35

As you know, not so long ago, the network has come up with unique shots of the British singer Adele, who has lost 45 pounds. As a result, almost the whole world began to discuss such drastic changed in the life of celebrities and dozens of “hunters” for interesting photos began hunting for the star.

Thus, in a network surfaced interesting footage of 31-year-old singer emotionally talking on a cell phone and goes to cry, barely holding back tears. Also on one of the photos you can see how Adele was dressed in Nike tracksuit and concise black jacket Moncler and angrily pointing fingers at the paparazzi, like creating gun.

Похудевшая Адель пыталась "застрелить" папарацци прямо на глазах у подруги


“In the second half of Thursday noticed how Adele the stress was on the phone at Heathrow airport, while exiting the car”, – signed photo of the girl, which they did.

Похудевшая Адель пыталась "застрелить" папарацци прямо на глазах у подруги


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Recall that singer Christina Aguilera with A Great Big World have released a music video for the song “Fall On Me”. In the music video, the actress boasted her new-dimensions – she lost 25 pounds.

As reported Know. ua lost weight Adele is ready to overshadow Jolie.

Also Know As.Eeyore wrote that thinner 45 kg Adele didn’t recognize the “Oscar”, a strange photo with the singer.


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