Third federal execution in a week in the United States

Troisième exécution fédérale en une semaine aux États-Unis

A prisoner sentenced to death for a quintuple murder 27 years ago was executed Friday in the United States in the third federal execution applied this week after the government’s decision of Donald Trump to end a moratorium 17-year-old.

Dustin Honken, age 52, was pronounced dead at 16h36 by a lethal injection of pentobarbital, a powerful anesthetic, to the federal prison in Terre Haute, Indiana (north), according to the ministry of Justice.

“He acknowledged the crimes he has committed and has spent his detention to atone for them”, said in a statement his lawyer Shawn Nolan, asserting that there was “no reason” for the government to want to run it.

Dustin Honken was sentenced to death in 2005 for killing five people, two men who had to testify against him, a woman and two little girls of 6 and 10 years, in 1993 in Iowa (north-east).

Drug dealer since his teens, he was, at the time, the head of a vast network of production and sale of methamphetamine.

Most of the crimes committed in the United States are considered at the level of States, some of which apply the death penalty, but the federal justice department can get a handle on of the most serious acts.

The minister of Justice Bill Barr had announced last year the resumption of executions federal, discontinued since 2003, echoing the desire of Donald Trump.

The billionaire republican, who briguera a second term on 3 November, is a supporter of the death penalty, including for the killers of police officers or drug dealers.

The debate is delicate on the death penalty shows a reduced support in the american population, but it remains strong among republican voters.

In June, Mr. Barr had unveiled the calendar of performances, which included four white men sentenced to death for the killing of a child.

Three executions have taken place this week, the fourth is scheduled for 28 August.

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