Third link: Did Lévis approve the estimate of the opportunity study?

Quebec mayor Régis Labeaume and the Quebec government say the city of Lévis has approved the study of the opportunity study on a third interriven link that its mayor criticizes today. Gilles Lehouillier replies that his questions have been ignored.

The information was released Friday by the Mayor of Quebec, Régis Labeaume, who was himself consulted on the quote. Officials from Quebec City also looked into it. It was early December, before the Couillard government published the call for tenders to find a consultant to carry out the study.

The procedure was the same in Lévis, specified Mr. Labeaume. “The quote, the City of Lévis worked on it, the City of Quebec worked on it, and we accepted it. We can not begin to question that. What I had report, it is done in the rules of art, it is very well done. It’s wide and it has to be wide too. That’s how it works. Let the specialists work, “said the mayor of Quebec City during a scrum.

In the office of the Minister Delegate of Transport, Véronyque Tremblay, we confirm the way to proceed. “The two mayors have been met beforehand and their administrations have been consulted. They were both comfortable, “said Press Secretary Marie-Ève ​​Dion.

The Mayor of Lévis says that he sent a list of questions before the official announcement, but that they remained unanswered. He did not object publicly because he thought he could debate it in the advisory committee, he said. However, this committee has still not been convened, five months later. Only officials met earlier this week.

“Since the decision, the political discourse has evolved. It is: we will realize the third link. It would be necessary to revise the estimate, because the political speech is much stronger than it says the estimate, adds Gilles Lehouillier.

Analysis area

He has been advocating for a few weeks to restrict the analysis area included in the opportunity study quote. Instead of studying several routes between Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures or Saint-Nicolas in the west and Île d’Orléans in the east, he would like to focus on the east only. The Levis elect also wants to know what kind of link is envisaged, bridge or tunnel. For him, the addition of lanes on the Pierre-Laporte Bridge, a suggestion from Quebec, or the increase of ferry capacity should not be considered.

The Leader of the Opposition at Quebec City Hall, Jean-François Gosselin, thinks the same. He accuses Mayor Labeaume of delaying the proposed third highway link between Quebec City and Lévis.

“Everyone in Quebec except Regis Labeaume knows that the third link must be in the east. It is him, with his request for an opportunity study, and a zone from west to east [under analysis], which delays the process. Everyone knows that it must be done in the east for the ring road, “commented Friday the leader of Quebec 21.

The latter campaigned last fall for the third link and against the tram and continues to hit the same nail. He called on the Liberal government to “refocus the mandate of the opportunity study on a third highway link in the east.”

Campaign issue

Mr. Gosselin refuses to get wet for one party or another for the provincial ballot. “There is a political will on the part of Mr. Legault [François, leader of the Coalition avenir Québec] which is very clear and I am delighted,” he says. Then add: “A third link to the east, a political party that proposes to do this as soon as possible, to go ahead, I support the project, I support the idea and I I’m glad we talk about it. I want it to be the major issue of the Quebec City region for the next provincial campaign, I do not hide it. ”

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