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Julie Baron has experienced a loss of weight substantial from 255 to 158 pounds thanks to significant changes it has made to its habits of life. Physical activity is an integral part of his daily life now and the closure of training centres was certainly not the motivation. Interview with a girl who has a thirst to get moving and eat well, regardless of the circumstances.

Julie has always had weight problems. She was an overweight child and dragged a excess weight up to the mid-forties. She has suffered from bullying at school as she was never chosen for teams during the course of physical activity.

What was the trigger that motivated your approach of loss of weight ?

A visit with my family physician he recommended to me to review my habits in 2017. I was 45 years old and I weighed then 255 pounds (for a size of 5 ft 2), I have suffered from fatty liver, my blood sugar was too high and I was taking medication for high blood pressure. My mother had died of complications related to his diabetes. I knew that I had to do something, but all the diets that have been executed until then, had not worked long term.

Julie Baron, 47 years old, has avoided the bariatric surgery and lose 100 pounds.

I used to lose 50 pounds, but I am taking 70 ! So I was registered on the waiting list for bariatric surgery. In parallel, I applied to the contest of the show to Lose weight to Win hosted by Chantal Lacroix. I have not been selected for the show, but Chantal encouraged us to begin our journey of weight loss, because there was always the possibility of integrating the issue later in the season if our weight loss was significant. As a bonus, as a participant selected as a finalist, I was able to get a subscription for a year in a centre énergie Cardio. It is from this time that my vision of things has changed. At that time, I only started not in a diet, but I decided to change my LIFESTYLE.

What are the first changes that you have made to your lifestyle ?

I started to train and I’ve taken a liking ! I paid a personal trainer twice a month and he even had to brake me, because I was training 6 days out of 7 and he had to stop me, because I wanted to go to every day. I was greatly motivated by the fact of being able to return to the show if I just lost enough weight. The supply side, I started to calculate my calorie intake and I followed an approach of 1400 calories per day. I got everything in the tool Fitness Pal. I managed to lose 80 pounds from April 2017 to December 2017. Unlike my attempts in the past to lose weight, this time has been good. Everything has changed in my head, and it has made all the difference !

Do you have sometimes the taste of abandon ?

Even if I’ve never been part of the show, I had the good fortune to rub shoulders with people who were also in the process of weight loss during major rallies held across Quebec by Chantal Lacroix. At the Gala, in the final, I was able to get up on stage in front of hundreds of people, because I was again among the participants of the gatherings that had lost the most weight. I was proud to have achieved my goal. I am now at 158 pounds and I maintain it. I admit that this is not always easy, there are days more difficult than others. My spouse Sylvain helps me a lot, he always believed in me and if my energy or my motivation drops, it is there to motivate me. I publish also on my page Facebook what I’m doing and the comments of people help me to persevere, I find that I am become a source of motivation for them. Throughout my approach, this is the strength of a group which has helped me the most, many of us in the region of Quebec we train and motivate together. This is what has made the difference ! I also train with my daughter and I climbed mountains with my husband. Move, it is done as a family !

What has been the impact of the closure of the gym on your physical activity level ?

I continued to do the outdoor running, I did the bike inside and I have been working out. I have done online courses on the site Energy Cardio and my trainer continued to train me in FaceTime. The training is like a drug for me, the COVID has not slowed down my training pace ! I even created a page on Facebook and, in the gang, we were compiling our minutes drive distance, with specific objectives. Nothing more motivating than the effect of the group, even at a distance.

What are you doing today to maintain your weight ?

I train 5 times per week. It takes me a goal. I did my first sprint triathlon last year and I registered for the olympic triathlon (1.5 km swimming, 40 km cycling and 10 km running) to Victoriaville in July of next year. I continue to eat between 1600 and 1800 calories per day. This method works for me. I also consulted a nutritionist and, since then, I have integrated the snacks and I eat every three hours. I have upped the protein content of my breakfast and I feel well satisfied. With the containment, to avoid too much me weaken I began to write everything that I eat, to become aware of my food intake.

What are the benefits of your new lifestyle

Today, I stopped medication for hypertension, my liver is standardized as is my blood sugar. My doctor did not return. I have even been called for the operation bariatric, telling the lady to let down, because I had lost more than 80 pounds, she responded that my name remained on the list for a period of five years, I then retorted : forget this, understand that I will be quoting ever lost weight, you can remove my name, my surplus weight, it is in the past ! I did remove the excess skin and also in July 2018, and so I settled my back problems. I am a new woman and my energy level is at its peak.

Julie Baron, before/after weight loss

The supply side, what are your best tips ?

To organize its menus of the week, every Sunday, I pull out the recipes and I plan the grocery list. By planning everything in advance, I know that I will not have time to cook health. When I feel that it goes a bit less well, I begin again to write what I eat, it helps me a lot, because we are not always aware of what you eat and what you drink in a day.

Are you living with the fear of regain the lost weight ?

Yes, I even consulted a psychologist to help me with this fear. It has helped me a lot, it means that I can take back 80 pounds in a few days. I allow myself today to eat desserts, birthday cakes and other sweets, everything is a matter of frequency. I’ve learned to not feel guilty about eating food fun, not necessarily health.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to lose weight, but who sees it as a mountain ?

Never to be discouraged. If I, who was out of shape and had low self-esteem has passed, everyone can do it ! One step at a time. The support group has made all the difference for me, even during the Covid. Why not ask your colleagues, friends, spouses to participate with us, it can make all the difference.

Julie Baron, after his weight loss

♦ To discover the tool used by Julie to calculate her daily calorie intake during her weight loss process :

♦ Very convenient to become aware of his eating habits and energy intake real, this tool can be very useful in the process of weight loss. In the long term, it is suggested, however, to abandon the calculation of caloric to leave the place to the principles of the intuitive power, which is based on the respect of the signals of hunger and satiety.

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