Thirsty red for the long weekend!

Thirsty red for the long weekend!


In Latin, ad libitum means “until you are fully satisfied”, or better, “at will”, in other words “to satiety”. Let's just say that this “little” red from Touraine will make you very thirsty, and you might find yourself completely satisfied with it!

A blend dominated by Malbec (called “Côt” in the region) to which Gamay and Cabernet Franc are added, all from vines facing south-east and south-west, on red clay soils with flint with a source rock of limestone. Everything is conducted organically and biodynamically. Maceration and fermentation in concrete vats of each grape variety, the whole being then assembled for a second aging in concrete vats. Lightly filtered and no synthetic input, except a touch of sulfur at bottling. An energetic and explosive red with a high pickling index. We feel a little reduction in opening; just decant the wine for a good hour (or fully appreciate it the next day!). Tones of plum, strawberry, fresh grass with a spicy base. Plump, almost velvety fruitiness, light tannins and invigorating acidity. Serve chilled with BBQ grills. 

Coralie and Damien Delecheneau, Ad Libitum 2021, Touraine, France

$25.80 – SAQ code 14093228 – 12.5% ​​- 1 g/L – Organic

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