This began in Russia and public lies: 18 years ago, sank the submarine “Kursk”

С этого в России началось государственное вранье: 18 лет назад затонула подлодка "Курск"

The tragedy happened on 12 August 2000 in the Barents sea during naval exercises of Russia’s Northern fleet. Killed 118 people.

With this sad date in the Russian Federation, the state began a lie, a well-known Moscow lawyer Boris Kuznetsov.

“There were other tragedies, there were other hundreds of victims, but on 12 August 2000, it became clear that, as in the Soviet era to the new Russian government, for the new President, the interests of the state, “state secrets” have become more important than human life. With this sad date the state began the lie that “the corner was throbbing and had expanded” and became a method of government“, — he wrote in Facebook.

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“With the “Kursk” began the intervention of the government and of Putin in the law enforcement system. He decided not to bring to justice the leaders of the Navy and Northern fleet, appeared fake expertise that divers the compartment 9 lived no more than 8 hours. Most importantly, the Russian government began to “break” people, someone compromising, someone bribery, and those who didn’t buy, not broken — expected prison or emigration”, — stated the lawyer

“Eternal memory to the submariners of “Kursk”! Eternal shame to those who betrayed them”, — concluded his text Smiths.

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