This diet will help get rid of the symptoms of diabetes

Эта диета поможет избавиться от симптомов диабета

Obtained evidence that diet can reverse the development of type II diabetes. During the major studies were on a diet of 850 calories a day patients could overcome this metabolic disorder.

A special diet of soups and smoothies can reverse the development of type II diabetes in the long term, the researchers found. More than a third of patients who were on a diet of 850 calories a day for two years were able to completely get rid of all the symptoms, reports the with reference to the news of Yu.

By the time they are, of course, has long been consumed a normal-calorie portions, and itself extreme diet occupied for the duration of 3 to 5 months.

The first stage of the study showed that 46% of patients had remission of diabetes after a year. Subsequent results demonstrated that three quarters of these people or 36% of the total number still had no symptoms of diabetes one year later.

This is the best proof that diabetes can be defeated by losing weight. The UK authorities now organise a special regime of not containing fat soups and smoothies for 5 000 participants from more extensive research before being officially recommended for the treatment of diabetes.

Researchers from Newcastle University believe that they have received convincing evidence that type II diabetes is not a life reading for a person. And now you know how to defeat the disease is always considered incurable.

The diabetes epidemic has reached record levels in many countries. Diabetes can cause strokes, liver failure and blindness.


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