This evening we are going to char! in Saint-Eustache

Ce soir on char! à Saint-Eustache

Mariana Mazza, P-A Méthot, Philippe Bond, Dominic Paquet and several other comedians will take part in the first edition of the comedy festival This evening we are going to char ! – The comedy-park, which will be presented at Cine-parc Saint-Eustache, has learned The Newspaper .

From the beginning of the pandemic, the Group’s Entourage started to work on an event for the drive-ins. After more than two months of discussions with partners, the company announces this new event that we hope to bring back each year.

What are the two galas which will be presented at Cine-parc Saint-Eustache, the next month. The shows will be animated in a duo by Dominic Paquet, and Philip Bond. On the first evening, the 21st of July, the public will be able to see P-A Méthot, Mariana Mazza, Maxim Martin, Messmer, Billy Tellier, Pierre-Luc Pomerleau and Jérémy Demay. The next day, it will be the turn of Jean-Michel Anctil, Peter MacLeod, Mathieu Dufour, Mehdi Bousaidan, Cathy Gauthier, Mario Tessier and Philippe Laprise. “The comedians will present the new material first, says the president of Entourage, Eric Young. The event will radiate humor, but also the car. “

Atmosphere of ” tailgate

In normal times, the Ciné-parc St-Eustache can accommodate up to 3400 cars. Due to the pandemic, the capacity was reduced to 1650 vehicles for the festival. Among these, 300 will be able to access the VIP area (with daily tickets at a cost of $ 189 all-inclusive, per car). Four areas-screens will also be available at a price of $ 100 all included, by car, by gala. “On the site, there will also be a DJ, animation, comedy and foodtrucks, said Eric Young. This will be a bit like a tailgate party before the football matches. ”

  • The benefits of the two galas will also be captured and disseminated this fall
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