“This France that we do not want to be”: Mélenchon targets the RN and defends the program of the New Popular Front in Montpellier

“This France that we do not want to be”: Mélenchon targets the RN and defends the program of the New Popular Front in Montpellier

Jean-Luc Mélenchon entouré de Sylvain Carrière et de Nathalie Oziol. Midi Libre – JEAN-MICHEL MART

Le chef de file des Insoumis a tenu un meeting ce dimanche 23 juin dans le quartier Celleneuve à Montpellier. 

No balls colliding but words clicking. The Leo Malet esplanade, usually bustling with bowlers on Sunday afternoons, hosted a meeting of the New Popular Front, as part of the anticipated legislative elections. The leader of the Insoumis Jean-Luc Mélenchon came to lend his support to Sylvain Carrière, outgoing MP for the 8th constituency, and Nathalie Oziol for the 2nd. The stakes, one week before the first round, are high.

The threat of the RN in the background

Sylvain Carrière recalls how important the voices of Montpellier residents are in a constituency which extends over the canton of Frontignan where the threat of the RN is taken very seriously. Nathalie Oziol, succeeding him, attacks Emmanuel Macron in the lead before rolling out "the government program" of the New Popular Front "that the president didn’not see coming !"A brand new party name but already chanted by the crowd. Around 1,500 people, some from the neighborhood, many young people, families and a majority of activists. Followers of the Melenchonist camp, according to the applause meter when the leader of the Insoumis climbs onto the stage. Only a dissonant voice from a woman on her support for Quatennens (Editor's note: convicted of violence against his ex-wife) is quickly silenced by security.

The tribune can then proceed with his speech by immediately taking into account the RN and its "facial nationality" . "This is the France we don't want to be!" Then to defend at length "the freedom of religion always defended by the left". "Of course we must fight against anti-Semitism and against Islamophobia". Measures in this direction are also on the NFP program, he assures.

The two challenges: the ecological crisis and war

After an aside about himself –"I will never give up the honor of being a target" – Jean-Luc Mélenchon discusses the two future challenges for humanity: the ecological crisis and war. He takes the opportunity to denounce "colonial France" and calls for the release of Kanaks just imprisoned in France. Finally, he devotes a long chapter to the financing of the measures set out in the NFP program, the subject of strong criticism in the presidential camp. Who will pay for the repeal of the pension law and the increase in the minimum wage ? "The multinationals which do not pay tax in France.& ;quot; And presto: "26 billion in the coffers".

He finished convincing his audience by defending strict land rights at a time "where 1 in 4 French people had a foreign grandparent&quot ;. Many in the crowd raise their fingers. Before, in a week, slipping their ballot into the ballot box.

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